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Power in a diesel car

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  • Power in a diesel car

    I have a diesel Nissan Patrol and am installing a car computer.

    I have this PSU and I will be running it off the second battery (and hooked to the accessories for power on) considering that with my car when I turn it on I have to let the glow plugs warm before I start the motor is there anything I need to do to ensure the computer is fine?


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    been a while since i have been in a diesel-- the radio doesn't turn on until after you start the car right?

    if it doesn't, then you really don't have much to worry about.

    if it does turn on the radio, then you will really just need to make sure that the computer is setup to stay on long enough to survive cranking the motor-- usually by setting up a couple second delay before the computer sends a turn-off signal.
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      the radio turns on straight away, then 'restarts' once I start the motor. The glow plugs take maybe 5 seconds to warm up before I can start the motor


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        Assuming it's a 12V system (not a 12/24V system)....
        Originally posted by Kitiara View Post there anything I need to do to ensure the computer is fine?
        Assuming no big power dips and no surges (else surge protection), then no.


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          it's all 12v, I am not sure how to tell about dips and surges though (presumably it would dip between glowing and ignition as the radio restarts)


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            That PSU claims to handle 8V so with big & good batteries should handle the dips including cranking.

            And the ACC line cuts out during cranking so the cranking dip isn't a problem (but maybe the power-off is).

            8V is a typical lower design limit for 12V systems since it takes care of most surges. Below 8V during cranking indicates an aged or faulty battery.
            (Keep in mind that 8V is a 10V battery with 2V wiring voltage drop or an 8V battery with no V-drop to the PSU.)