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Need To Ground Out Brake Wire

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  • Need To Ground Out Brake Wire

    I've been reading bits and pieces before my unit arrived about how people were grounding out the brake wire so passengers can view video while you are driving. I would like the same thing.

    Certain units seem to be as simple as sending the brake wire to ground. Others seem to require an aftermarket switch installed so the video player sees 12v, then gets grounded through the switch.

    I figure since my unit is totally Chinese (as opposed to being a Pioneer or Kenwood that are made in China but designed in the US), requirements would be more lax. I would like my passengers to enjoy video while I am driving.

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    i don't know if any of us could legally offer advise to doing this-- this is ILLEGAL to do in most countries-- in the us, it is unlawful to have any moving video in view of the driver while the vehicle is in motion..

    there is a reason that wire is there in the first place..
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      it is illegal but so is smoking pot, alot of people do it, i dont, but people still do and dont get caught...
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        And what relevance does that have to this forum and our replies?
        NONE - you are stating the obvious. And that is no excuse nor reason to post certain information.

        Not that I see non-drivers viewing VDUs as illegal (or to people only watch the OEMs whilst waiting for the driver, or when refueling with IGN off? In that case, I'll use a portable...)
        But such regulations mean/imply that the brake switching itself cannot be modified - only the individual units.

        But surely that have a driver/passenger setting, or a stop/motion circuit connection?
        Or is it all now CAN & HDMI so if the interface ain't right, forget any operation!


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          Installed my unit today, everything worked flawlessly including the video which ran with no message displayed since I grounded the brake wire. Hurah for my passengers.


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            Originally posted by david69leonard View Post
            it is illegal but so is smoking pot, alot of people do it, i dont, but people still do and dont get caught...
            From the forum rules:
            5. Illegal activities
   will not tolerate any use of the forums to facilitate any illegal activities. Links to websites that share illegal software, music, movies, or other data are not permitted. Links to private FTP sites with illegal content are also not permitted. Discussions on how to circumvent software registration & activation, workarounds for software copy-protection, hardware hacks to bypass safety features and other discussions of obviously illegal activity will not be permitted.
            Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
            How about the Wiki?

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              I didnt tell him how to do it Mr. Pervert , that would be in violation of the rules, i just told him that it was illegal, but people still do it, I personally wouldt do such a thing!
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                Well my question hasn't been answered - what was the point of your response?
                Was it suggesting that because others break the law that we should encourage the same?
                Or it's ok if you don't get caught?
                Or that what's legal in one country makes it acceptable elsewhere (eg, my smoking of pot)?

                I was thinking mentioning rules, but stuff like that is implicit anyhow. Especially these days where it is usually the poster that gets in trouble, not the forum. (Yay! One win in favor of (only what is) "reasonable responsibility" for others!)


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                  one thing that you can do if you are worried about passengers, if your unit has video outputs, add a couple extra screens, ie. headrests... so that they may view video
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                    hmm, did I just read a Freudian slip?


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                      I was quite surprised as I went thru the many menus that, there is an option for you to activate or deactivate the brake AND reverse option, making both irrelevant. So I don't really know if me grounding out the brake wire worked cause the option was already set to OFF, same with the reverse wire. Which is great cause I want my rearview camera to work all the time.

                      Don't know if other people's units do the same thing. Maybe members should check and see. Save a lot of time and trouble.


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                        Couldn't leave unit flush with faceplate cause the 7" screen wouldn't clear it. Had to pull unit 1/2" out so screen had enough clearance. Works great. Beautiful video (hi def 800 x 420). Doesn't like Mp4, plays video but not audio. No worries cause it plays like 50 different formats. LOVES DivX.

                        I'm very proud I did the work myself, along with the help from people here and other forums. Took my time, did it right and I did it so the stock radio will plug right back into place when I go to sell the car later on.