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Reverse Wire and Rearview Camera

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  • Reverse Wire and Rearview Camera

    Do I have to ground the reverse wire so my camera will work all the time and not just while I am in reverse? Anyone have success with this?

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    camera needs + and -.
    - (or ground) of the camera gets tied to the car chassis.

    + (positive) comes either from the backup lights or a constant 12 volts.
    To determine which wire of the backup light is positive, remove the bulb and use a volt meter when you have it in reverse.
    For a constant voltage source I'd tie it to the accessory line that goes to the radio. That way it's only on when the car is on.

    So the camera is always grounded, and the + comes from either the backup lights or radio accessory wire.

    Hope that helps.


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      I see the camera comes with a long RCA wire to hook to the camera input or the aux video input. It also comes with a red positive and black negative wire. I want this camera on all the time when driving, not just when I go into reverse.

      If I found a constant power source in the rear of the car, can I hook my camera to this power, RCA cable into the unit and have camera all the time?? Will my unit be looking for input from the reverse wire??? Can I just leave the reverse wire alone since the camera gets everything it needs on it's own (power, ground, RCA input).

      If I still need the reverse wire, how do I install it? The reverse wire seems to be like the brake wire, required to be grounded for the camera to work.


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        The reverse is probably a +12V source in which case tie it to the IGN/power input.

        If it is GND as you suggest, then tie it to GND.


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          I was under the impression the reverse wire was like the brake wire. Engaging the brake grounds the brake wire and completes the circuit. Engaging the reverse grounds out the reverse wire and completes a circuit and camera works.

          It looks like the instructions want me to install the reverse wire to the reverse lights which makes sense since they only go on when I put the car in reverse and the lights are grounded. What is usually done here and what would be the best way to have the camera on all the time.

          I just figured the aux video in shouldn't require any reverse anything and I would just go to that.


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            you must be talking about double din all in one unit from china, if so yes the reverse wire goes to ground if you want always on camera, you are correct in saying the reverse would normally go to reverese light wire to trigger the display to go to camera view, like the display being on when car is in gear is handled by the brake wire going to ground instead of brake light switch. hope this helps SNO


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              And its instructions should say what sense it is or how to change it.
              Most cars I know of switch +12V to brake & reverse lamps.
              Many use relays which may be grounded (like a horn button-relay) or +12V triggered.

              If ground switching is common, then aftermarket camera suppliers would make it selectable. The norm AFAIK is that the bulbs are hot switched (+12V).

              Chances however are that being an "sense" input, connecting to either will not do any harm - especially if it has separate +12V & gnd wires.


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                So.....what you are saying is that if I send the reverse wire directly to ground as I did the brake wire I should have the same result??? Just cause it kinda seemed like they wanted me to install the reverse wire to the reverse lights which of course are 12v hot when I shift into reverse. I guess they are also grounded too so who knows.


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                  The link below is the .pdf file for the manual for this unit. If you go to page 31, there is the wiring diagram. Comes out small so I recommend increasing the size of the page will help to view greatly.

                  On the left side, BLUE wire with the label BACK SW. Reverse Mirror Control Cable is above the wire. Follow where that goes or where Eonon wants it to go.



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                    Oh - HANDBRAKE wire - yeah - they are usually grounding....
                    I thought you meant the brake LIGHT switch.

                    The reverse switch is shown as a hot switcher - ie, it switches +12V to the reverse lamp and the unit.


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                      I'm sorry I don't understand the last part of your reply.


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                        The reverse switch switches +12V to the reverse lamp and the BLUE wire to the unit. (It does not ground.)


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                          In the case of the brake wire it seems the video is already getting 12V and is waiting to be grounded which means the driver applying the parking brake to make the ground connect and the video to work properly.

                          Am I to assume it's the reverse with the reverse wire?? The camera is grounded out ready for 12V to be applied to it which it does when the driver puts the car in reverse????

                          Just taking a blind shot here.

                          I guess they do each differently cause the video is getting it's 12V from the nav unit whearas the reverse camera is getting it's 12V from the power going to the reverse lights in the rear of the car??????


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                            The reverse wire only tells the video display to switch sources, it has nothing to do with powering the backup camera. Connect it to power going to one of your reverse lights.

                            Providing ACC power will keep the camera on all the time -- but you need to switch sources manually to see it.


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                              What are you referring to when you say my reverse lamp??