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Fan-less under seat car PC advice & suggestions

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  • Fan-less under seat car PC advice & suggestions

    Hi everybody, I am new to this forum and this is my first car PC ,I am living in a hot climate and I want a car PC for my Toyota Land Cruiser which going to be used for on-road and off-road, this mean more dust and sand than normal, anyway I am thinking about under seat fan-less PC with other suggested component from the forum members.

    I am thinking about something like the VIA AMOS-3001 but it is expensive so any advice on something similar or more power with the same cost will be appreciated.

    I will need this PC for GPS (for cites and off-road), FM radio, Music and Video playback, I will appreciate any suggestions on hardware and software needed for my project, my budget is $1000-$1500.

    Thanks in advance for any assistant.

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    Not a mobo person, sorry.

    However, most mini-itx setups should be able to handle what you have described. I would more likely spend money on a SSD drive instead of a faster CPU.

    For GPS look into Garmin Mobile PC + a bu-353 unit.
    You'll also want to get a OBDII device.
    Depends on what your setup is you should still be able to use your normal radio for the audio side.

    Environment wise you will need to consider some kind of filter for the time when you're off roading.

    I'm at about $400+ at the moment. Used voompc + parts


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      You might try a case where the whole case is one giant heatsink, and seal up any openings as best you can to keep the dirt out. Here are some prebuilt systems:

      You can also buy just the case and heat pipe from them.


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        i think that a atom setup would be pretty good here-- some intel boards are even fanless..

        for off-roading, i definitly agree with getting a ssd, over a platter drive
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          i have the aopen bb10 which is atom 330 in a small metal case with a small fan on chipset under my back seat which is open and i hear nothing coming from that box at all hope this helps SNO