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    Some back story:

    I moved recently and when I was getting my comcast account moved to my new place, the sales guy said I could add a 3g USB modem for $10 a month. Having long thought about a "permanent" internet connection in my car, I decided to jump on the offer. I did some research and discovered that the larger builds of DD-WRT support some 3g modems and decided to give it a shot. I went down to my local best buy and picked up a Netgear WNR3500L router, flashed dd-wrt on it, and after some frustration got the 3g working reliably. I had a road trip planned the next day so I threw the router with the comcast modem in my car on an inverter and headed out. The thing worked like a champ. I was able to listen to pandora on an ipod touch for the 95%+ of the trip I had a reliable signal (it's actually on the Sprint network.)

    The technical bit:

    I'm trying to do a more permanent mount in my car and am running into trouble finding a cost effective way of powering it. I read that the WRT54G series from Linksys are beasts and can run directly off of car power without any issues. I cracked open my router to discover a SC4521 voltage regulator (which is different than the WRT54G's) and considering I'm not an EE decided not to attempt the direct connection. I did some reading and searching and found several solutions that I know would work (Mini-box DCDC-USB, DSX12VD, Opus 80W Dual output, etc) but all of these seemed like overkill and I was hoping to find something a bit cheaper. Something like the 5V Point of Load power supplies except at the 12v the netgear is specced at. I am planning on eventually adding a nettop as a carputer so I also looked into the dual output power supplies that did 18-20V on their main output and 12v on the secondary. I was tempted by the Carnetix CNX-P1900 but discovered the secondary output could only do 1.3A at 12V and the power brick that came with the router allegedly outputs 1.5A. The P2140 would work but at $135 I could do 2 Mini-box DCDC-USBs and save $15.

    The question (TLDR):

    Is there a good solution for powering my router at 12V 1.5A in the car for less than $60?

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    I ordered a car adapter for a netbook off of ebay today for $10. Supposedly it puts out 3A so we'll see if that works.