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    Well I was getting close to doing something more productive with my 2001 project...

    Have you ever had a car that you looked at and just realized it was going to take more than it was worth to fix the car up? That was my problem. I lack of maintenance during a winter because of this and that (including buying a house) causes some stuff to go south.

    Rocker panels rusted out...minor rust here and there.
    Summer tires bald(not a real issue but factored in cost of a new van)
    Seat mounts rusting out and 2 broken
    Paint was so messed up

    Thatís just a short list...

    Basically the list was looked over and I decided to get a new car...

    To make a long story short I got a 2003 Dodge Caravan Sport - 109K miles and was so sweet - for $2000 - KBB out it at 6200 to 6500 - State fair market value put it at 7200 which that brought on a whole issue also but whatever

    Since I got it though it has be vandalized which the insurance peeps almost totaled it but they painted the whole things for me and it looks band new.

    So Now I am starting all over with anew car. Question - has anyone hooked up say a amp into the speakers or maybe 2 head units before? My idea is to leave the stock headunit in for when I have my child in the car(oh btw my wife is prego). It may sound stupid to some of you but I wondered if it would cause problems. I was thinking just splice it into the output of the head unit' speakers. But I want to be sure this wouldn't maybe cause a problem where it would feed back into the headunit. Maybe I am thinking to much into it but I want to ask.

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    there are ways to do it by using some double pole relays, and a selector switch(basically a speaker selector in reverse), but sometimes it might be easier to just retrain your wife to use the new head unit...
    My OLD 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT:
    "The Project That Never Ended, until it did"

    next project? subaru brz
    carpc undecided


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      She don't drive the van...hates mini vans...I want something taht when family is in the ride i dont have to mess with my bass settings and such and still beable to bave subs. So i am thinking of working out some way to have the stock system ready to go for that and whatever i do for gthe second setup for my bass loving needs


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        One or the other should be connected to the speakers - not both.

        But usually the speakers used would be quite different... (ie, HU to on set; amp to the other....)

        Otherwise, relays.