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  • Isuzu rodeo computer HELP

    hey everyone, well heres the thing, i own a 97 isuzu rodeo and that im going to put a computer in, i have a laptop and the external hard drive for extra space, not really concerned about installation or audio or anything like that. my problem is i have looked at countless methods and looked over multiple ideas. i need to know the best way to power the laptop the external hard drive a back seat lcd and a front small screen. audio will be running through the radio head both monitors will be mounted, how will i go about powering these items the proper way without spending a crap ton of money. any feed back would be amazing i only have one cigarette outlet in the car.

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    first off, it would help to divide everything in paragraphs. without punctuation, it is like you are talkingreallyreallyfast.. people can run out of breath reading posts like that..

    what do you mean by expensive? the carnetix 1900, or 2140 are probably going to be the better solutions for laptops..

    i honestly do not recommend ever using the cigarette lighter to power anything more then small devices like phone chargers.

    most cigarette lighter ports are rated for 10a max. without looking at the carnetix, i am going to say that this is very close, or lower then their standard input amperage.

    because of that, it is best to hardwire the power adapter. this will allow the power supply to use the voltage more efficiently (have you seen how thin that metal is in a cig lighter plug!? i sure don't trust it for 10amps...), and will also allow it to work more reliably.
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      If im not mistaken those are for mini pc's? or does it work all around?

      I have at my disposal a Dekstop ATX and a pretty old, considerably in the pc world an IBM thinkpad. I use the laptop now and it is just not fast enough.

      Id rather use the ATX mainly because it is a much better computer but it has a hefty power supply 330w i believe. Is there something that could power a computer like that?

      the reason id rather use that pc is because it has dual dvi so having a screen in the front and back seat would work. And its boot time is extremely quick. Not to mention the memory, space, and processor speed.

      How would i go about powering a 7inch touchscreen up front and a 15 inch in the back for trips and such. As well as the computer itself.

      im going to go ahead ad assume somewhere down the line here im going to need a new alternator .


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        It depends how you want to power it.
        You could find one 330W 12V supply, or split it into components (screens, MB & fans, drives), or reduce consumption.

        Or you could get a >330W inverter (300W RMS might handle it; place screens on a separate supply or inverter).

        You may not need a bigger alternator - 300W isn't that much. (It's 3 x 100W or 6 x 55W driving lights.)
        But how you use it effects that - ie, maybe a separate (else bigger) battery to avoid flattening the main battery.
        (A (in-dash across battery) voltmeter is the best tool to determine the above.)

        Note that 12V PC PSUs are more efficient as they do their dc-ac-dc conversion internally (as apposed to dc-ac inverter into an ac-dc ATX), and despite ATXs having bigger PSUs, it doesn't mean you are using them fully (and efficiently!) nor have to supply that amount of power.
        More power costs in terms of component costs. Then it costs to provide (bigger alternator, more fuel etc).


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          no, the carnetix 1900, or 2140 power supplies are mostly used for powering laptops, and some non-standard motherboards.

          otherwise, most carpc's use a intelligent atx power supplies. but the exact model varies depending on your power requirements.

          carpc's do not need to be powerful like a home computer, you will probably not be doing video editing, or any seriously processor heavy tasks, usually because anything that would push the limits of cpu power in a computer usually requires more attention then can be spared in a mobile environment. remember-- your usually going to be doing 60mph down the highway with this pc-- no time to crop your last set of pictures...

          if you haven't seen them yet, check out the faq's-- it will answer some of the more common questions about car-computing.

          My OLD 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT:
          "The Project That Never Ended, until it did"

          next project? subaru brz
          carpc undecided


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            well the reason i want to use the atx over the laptop is because its an IBM with no cpu and not even 256mb of ram...... compared to my atx with 2 gig of ram and a nice cpu...(not using it for anything fancy)...i just want something capable of running video and music on two screens with out a single bit of lag, which i get from running itunes on the latop.

            And yeah i like that idea of running the computer separate from the two monitors. or is there something just that BA where it can run everything because this being my first time installing a computer in my truck, the easier the better....even though i just replaced a water pump on an interference engine...cant be much harder than that haha

            now the question is i know the 15 inch monitor has it's own power supply, basically the same thing as a laptop power adapter, im not sure on the 7 inch touch screen, im sure they're all similar in the power department, but i haven't bought one yet.

            would it just be a better idea to find a 330w 12v psu to run the computer and then just get what u said like an inverter or something to run the screens?

            just trying to figure out the best way before i go trying all this stuff out

            oh and the reason i said i might need to change my alternator is because its showing signs of failing already. And im sure the extra juice would end it.


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              Okay well with much reading on other forum post's and having look through the store this is what ive come up with.

              - MSI k8n Neo2 platinum

              - AMD 64 Athlon 2.1Ghz

              - 2Gig ram

              - XFX Geforce 6800 dual dvi------might switch cards for power reasons if necessary.

              - Seagate 500 and 320Gig SATA

              - TP-Link 300mbps WiFi

              - Lilliput EBY701 7" VGA Touchscreen ( FRONT )
              - Dell 15" VGA/DVI ( REAR )

              Power/PC- (Now if anyone thinks their is a better product for this application please let me know.)

              - M4-ATX 250W Intelligent DC-DC PSU

              - Any suggestions? Should i just use another DC-DC type PSU? or just an inverter of sorts? I don't think either of those screens consume much power.