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  • Race car video system

    Hello, I wasn't sure where to post & noticed that noob threads will be tidied into the correct place if need be! (Plus I am a noob)

    I am trying to make a video recording system for my race car. I know there are systems on the market that do this 'off the shelf' - none of these systems are suitable for me.
    Ideally I would like to record from 2-4 cameras individually & edit the files at a later date with Adobe Premier - or similar.

    Hardware I have: Samsung Q45 laptop with car power supply, 60GB SSD, Intel Core 2 Duo T7200, 2GB ram.
    The laptop runs XP at the moment, it also has a Linux Mint distro on there. The laptop would be dedicated to this job alone. (may also have ECU programming S/W - to be used separately to recorder)

    I read a thread about "Capture!" software developed by a guy on here - would that be suitable? Also found "CaptureUltimate". I have no camera with me at present so can not test these programs.

    The perfect solution would be having a program that can be opened in multiple instances, have a different web cams assigned to different instances of the programs, & record in ~10 minute sections constantly.
    I don't mind paying for a suitable program, if it will do the job perfectly.

    Any advise?


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    Not sure what your budget is but you may want to consider a stand alone recorder solution, preferrably with solid state storage. A race car will have a lot more vibration and shock than a regular car and a hard drive may not be able to take it. Also getting 2 to 4 cameras at 30FPS with decent res is going to take a fairly powerful computer and capture device(s).

    Ovation System's Flashback2 would be ideal but it is pretty pricey.

    Guys I know in racing have used SSD camcorders on mounts with good success, but finding one with an external video in (from a "bumper cam" board cam for instance) will probably be tough.


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      Thanks CanuckMark for the reply, that stuff looks very good & unfortunately a little specialist/expensive! I was really hoping to use my SSD and Laptop. With some sort of software, the software is the illusive part right now!


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        You just described minicam. Search for it on here. It's in a few threads including the one with Capture (way at the end). It does take quite a bit of power, but you can disable preview and use less CPU intensive compression and such though.


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          Why not run 3 or 4 HD Motorsport Hero cameras? They are pretty inexpensive, and the video quality is great 720P. They record onto SD cards up to 4 hours I think, the limiting factor being battery life.

          Check it out here...