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Silab usbfmradio won't work

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  • Silab usbfmradio won't work

    I am new to carputers and setting up my own system on the bench at the moment.

    It's all set up (Zotac m/b etc, XP) and everything works well except the fm radio setup.

    It's a usbfmradio-rd (470x) unit purchased from Farnell in Australia (it has a clear see-through case with an aerial wire attached to it).

    There is no radio reception at all - just an fm hiss. All presets are set correctly.

    The radio stays on 138.65 and does not move from that station, even when searching:
    Band is set at 87.5 for Australia
    Spacing at 50khz, de-emphasis at 50 us
    Stereo is on Force Mono
    Seek threshold on 63, scan time on 15s
    Select Audion input settings - choice of FM Radio or Realtek HD Audio Input. (neither works). The sound card works, as cd's, dvd's and system sounds work.

    I have tried everything and it's driving me nuts. I have searched everywhere and spent countless hours trying to get it to work.

    Help please anyone?