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anyone seen or order from ebay

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  • anyone seen or order from ebay

    i found this on ebay was wondering if anyone order from here or not?

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    1. It's overpriced (in my opinion).
    2. As with all no-name units coming from China, I would be very suspicious of build quality.
    3. If you buy something like this from EBay and something is wrong, how easy is it to get support?

    Some things to consider.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      just do a search on the infill G4. there were plenty of those sold, and the lack of support was heavily covered...

      so far, it seems that all-in-one maker RevoSys is the closest, or best option to a product that at least partial support is offered for..

      if you search for all-on-one units here, you should find some of the other threads i have posted in where i detail my specific issues with the current market of all-in-one units..
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