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  • Sound Setup? help?

    This is probably a very simple thing, but I seem to be having an issue with it.
    i looked around and found heaps of post on sound, but not what i needed, sorry if this has been posted but i didnt see it.

    I am looking at the setup up a Car PC, and im having issue thinking how the sound will be setup.
    I want to use the current car system that I have from years ago, that consists of
    2 x Alpine Front splits.
    2 x Alpine 6 x 9ís in the rear
    1 x 12inch Alpine Sub
    1 x Alpine MRV-f352 (4/3/2 channel + Sub)
    Yes I like alpine.
    This is what I cant figure out.
    My current head unit (which will be thrown out) has 4 channels out, that runs directly to the amp.
    My amp basically has 4.1 channels out,2 for the front, 2 for the rear and 1 for the sub.
    Pcs can output sound as either Stereo, 2.1, 5.1 etc, So,,,,,,
    how do I connect the pc to the current amp? If I set the pc up as 2.1 then wire the front and rear to the same ports on the amp, that will reduce the power to the speakers and stop me from controlling front and rear levels.
    I wouldnít setup as 5.1 as I donít have a center, and I donít want just rear sounds coming out of the rear 6 x 9s as they holod alot of bass.... am I over thinking this???

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    just look at the amp as being multiple amps in one convenient package.

    i can't seem to find a decent pic of the input/output side, but found the specs..

    the problem with many computers is that setting up the audio to work as 2.1/5.1 is that many computers will then start looking for media that has a *.1 audio track, where your normal audio file will only be 2.0 type-- meaning there isn't gonna be one..

    there are certain boards, and audio driver programs that have ways around this, but generically speaking, most boards don't..

    the best option is do similar to the faq method-- run a single pair(both the left, and right channels) of rca cable from the carpc to the amp, then split it to both the front and rear channels, and set the 5th channel to use the signal from ch 3+4..

    from there, use the onboard crossovers, and gain controls to setup the sound.

    the disadvantage of course though is that you loose your fade controls--currently, i have not seen any carpc-related program that allows you to have a fader control..

    some have been able to use the volume controls for the outputs of their sound card like a fader, but that is about it..
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