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Touchscreen and Apple Macbook Pro Laptop set up?

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  • Touchscreen and Apple Macbook Pro Laptop set up?

    I basically have an idea where I can just mount a 7in touch screen to my dash and have the screen plugged into my Macbook Pro that will be under a seat. The whole purpose is to just use my laptop to listen to my music and use the internet every so often while i am traveling. I have an aircard so that's my internet source. When the laptop is in the car I want it to be able to charge if it needs it, that's about it. When the car is done traveling, I want to be able to disconnect my laptop from the screen and take it with me.

    I have an iPhone but don't really want to use it while I am driving. The screen is too small and it is a pain to keep on looking at it while the network updates as i am driving = not very safe.

    If anyone has an idea that can improve on this I am all ears! I just want to use my laptop while driving through a mounted touch screen. I dont want lose wires or cables in my car because its just an eye sore... any insight would be great!

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    check the laptop, or mac section, or the faq's, there is tons of info in each.
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