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m3-atx/carnetix 2140 problem

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  • m3-atx/carnetix 2140 problem

    Hello all, I recently built my first pc and it was for my car. I am using it at the moment to post this thread. My situation is this. I purchased an M3-Atx power supply to power this pc. I have and intel DG45FC motherboard and I immediately ran into a problem with the power supply. as it would not fit the motherboard due to the case I purchased so I had to use a 20 pin extension cable to install the power supply. I booted the pc, loaded windows 7 64 bit and was up and running. I built an adapter for my laptop charger to supply on off and power and ground to the M3 during this process. Everything worked perfectly so I installed the pc in the car. The computer booted fine, ran for approximately 4 mins and shut down for no reason. I rebooted, and the same thing occurred with immediate shut down. So I checked the overheat protection in the bios and was no where near shut down temp. I then removed the pc and took it back in the house for diagnostic testing. Pc powered up and ran fine....again off the laptop adapter. After further inspection I discovered the laptop charger provides 18.5 volts. This seems to be the difference from what I can tell. System has been working in my home for 3 months now without a moments trouble. Put it back in the car...same issue.

    So I ordered a Carnetix 2140 power supply and am hoping to use it to supply 18 or so volts to the M3 in hopes this will fix my issue of it being in the 12-14v environment.

    My question is this....Has anyone experienced this before? Also, has the windows 7 64 bit psu2140monitor issue been fixed? I downloaded the program and it keeps telling me the program has stopped working when I try to open it. Should I remove the M3 and use a different convertor now that I have the 2140? Or do I need both?

    Any help or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


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    Why don't you just buy an ATX PSU that you know will be capable of powering your system like an M2, DSATX or Opus?

    Yet another reason why I would not recommend the M3 for any but the lowest-power systems.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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