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    Hi all,

    Before I start my journey, here are some of my concerns and questions and I hope someone can enlighten:

    1. My current HU boots up in like 4 secs. If I am gonna run XP/Win7 in a car pc, how can I achieve something even close to that?
    2. What happens when I switch off the engine?
    3. How to achieve AM/FM/DAB connectivity?
    4. How to achieve rear top-mount monitor?
    5. Is it possible to play 2 different movies at the same time with different screens?
    6. How to achieve rear view camera?
    7. Digital-to-Analog conversion. I'm an audiophile kinda guy. Now I am using a PXA-H900 as a DAC+DSP which uses top grade Burr-Brown DACs. Do sound cards even come close?
    8. Assuming I am using a 1-DIN touchscreen, can I use the other DIN to add a Bluray/DVD drive? But how do I achieve that if SATA cables has a max range and the car PC is beyond its reach?
    9. What is the fastest CPU that doesn't require a fan? Or is having a fan a must in car PCs?