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    ok i'm new here and to carPC's, so i'm kinda at a loss, and sorry if this is in the wrong section. but i have my carputer installed in the dash, it loads fine and operates properly (besides my cracked screen when i over tightened a screw ...gonna have to look into repair for that). i have the line out on the motherboard going to the auxiliary on the head unit to play my sound.

    that works...but that is where my issue comes into play. sound, as far as vocals, only come out of my left side of the speaker. the music comes out of all 4 speakers. and sometimes during hooks or chorus', the words come out of all 4, but for the majority of any song, it's only out of the left side. i balanced the sound all the way to the right, and it sounds very staticy and distorted. any idea as to why this is happening? or a fix for it? i'm running windows 7 on it. and music is just coming from the media player. i just downloaded ride runner, going to see how i like that interface.

    thanks for any help

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    it sounds like the audio cable connector is not plugged in all the way on one of the ends, and is not making a full connection.

    depending on the style of the ports, you might might need a slimmer connection cable, or need to reposition the one you have to make a better, more consistent connection.

    if you still are having trouble after trying this, pics could def. help..
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      i double checked those as that seems like the only thing i could think of it being. but i'll go triple check next time i get a chance. the ports on the motherboard are sideways, so it's awkward to plug in anything. maybe it just needs another shove. if it's bad i may test the cord directly from my ipod to the radio itself and see if it's the chord. i'll report back what i find


      • #4's doing the same thing from my phone to my radio. so i'm going to guess it's the chord. i'll look for a new one tomorrow after work


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          ok so yeah...bought a new better quality cable and the sound is fixed. silly oversight on my part i guess. was thinking it was a windows issue at first, kinda like how my music doesn't come out of the back 2 speakers in my surround sound setup. but anywho, it works and i am happy


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            Thanks you for the post.
            Hi guys, Im a newbie. Nice to join this forum.