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Need help deciding which amp to power my speakers

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  • Need help deciding which amp to power my speakers

    Hey Im sure this sounds like a typical noob question. Ive put in door speakers before in one car and a pair of subs and mono amp in another. But never really taken the time to try and do it right for the best quality. What I'm looking at doing this time is replacing everything. CD player, front and rear door speakers and adding a 10" subwoofer. Here are the speakers that Im thinking I want:

    Pioneer TSD1602R 6.5" speakers in rear and Alpine SPR-69C 6x9 speakers up front.

    The Pioneers are 60watts nominal power and 260 watts max. The Alpines are 100rms and 300 watts peak power.

    Now I'm assuming Im going to need a 4-channel amp to power these, correct? What kind of power do I need to look for out of the amp in order for these speakers to be at their full potential? That is where I'm having trouble figuring it all out.

    The subwoofer Im getting is a 10" Alpine Type-R which I am just going to hook up to a mono amp. I debated on doing a 5-channel amp but began getting too confused and figured this would probably be a better way to go about it. Any help I can get is really appreciated.

    I've looked at the Kicker 08ZX3504 4X90-Watt 4-Channel Amplifier and the Alpine MRP-F300 - Amplifier - V-Power - 4-channel amplifier so far for my speakers. I need to keep the cost under $225 for the speakers amp because I am on a budget. Thanks guys.