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VW Monsoon audio (new to car audio)

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  • VW Monsoon audio (new to car audio)

    I recently purchased a black 04 VW jetta with under 60k miles..

    first car I've ever bought and i just got the tints done, next I just wanted to do a overhaul of the car audio but I have no idea how much it will cost..

    First of all I REALLY need the aux input thats the main reason I want to do this, but I really don't like the overall quality of the sound I'm getting anyway vs my old cars bose sound system.

    I understand the monsoon car audio system has a few quirks in it when I try to get something newer installed correct? Not really sure what they are other then it has some type of amp?

    I dont really know what each piece of sound equipment does but I'm sure I would need

    a good head unit - $130?
    a amp ? what price?
    two subs? what price? or is one enough? I don't even know

    replace speakers?

    could this be done for like $700?


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    Search on terms "VW Monsoon"
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      this forum is primarily dedicated to installing computers in cars, so audio stuff is a little slim here-- the monsoon thing bugbyte is talking about is how to still use the factory amp, which, imo, is the worst pain-in-arse for the whole system.

      audio parts vary widely in price-- my first set of aftermarket speakers were $5/pr. but can go into the hundreds, and thousands..(hybrid audio technology has speaker pairs for around $600-800/pr).

      the difference between a $5 speaker and $500 speaker is just like cars-- the better the speaker, the better workmanship, and quality of the components that go into it..

      for headunits, i started with a $180 unit, and the last one i had cost around $400..
      the best thing here is to find one you like, then wait until the new models come out, and they will drastically reduce the prices of the old units to get rid of them..

      i will specifically not give brand recommendations when it comes to car audio gear--because car audio is again like cars--for instance, i am not all that crazy about vw's, so i would not recommend one, though i am sure you would beg to differ..

      the best thing i can recommend is to research everything, and listen to it in person, and make sure that it fits your needs(is the eq where you want it, does the sub box fit in your trunk, etc..) before making any purchases.

      a great resource for getting into car audio is's learning center-- they do a great job explaining everything and how it affects other parts..

      otherwise, try going to some local car audio shops-- no matter where i have gone, there is always at least one shop that doesn't just want to sell you whatever is on the shelves, and will take the time to help you pick out the correct gear..
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