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    I have been coming back to for a while now. I have been debating if I should just buy a double din unit pioneer, Kenwood... etc. or install a car pc. I would really like to install a car pc, as the possibilities seem unlimited… However I have some concerns.

    1. Will this affect my warranty? Or only my warranty on my Audio system. (2007 350z Roadster, with Bose speakers)

    2. I have no problem with building and fitting a computer into the car, however, I know very little about cars, and currently am clueless as to how to run the cables. (2007 350z Roadster, with Bose speakers)

    3. I could spend the next several weeks looking for all the right parts, and how to fabricate the perfect housing for the touch screen. However I am sure several people have already done this, and am hopping you are able to advise me as to what you believe are the best options. I am not a fabricator I would rather buy the parts and install them.
    - I would like to install the full package, integration into my current sound system which is the Bose package that came with the upgraded 350z 2007.
    - Navigation
    - Best skin, software
    - Touch screen
    - Games
    - Voice Control
    - Everything!

    4. Having said that, I can build the computer and do not believe I will have any trouble navigating around and installing the software. The problem for me is the installation into the car. Even after reading so many posts on the forum, I still do not know where to start. How/were to hook up the inverter, how to run an on off button, how to run the audio to consol, and how to install and run the cables to the LCD.

    5. However I am very interested in doing it, would be a great experience, fun, and would love to learn how to do it.

    6. I would also love to do this project with another person or persons. I was hoping to locate someone in the Atlanta, Roswell, Marietta, or Kennesaw area in Georgia how is also looking into doing this project, and either already has the experience and wants to do it again (I will bring the beer!) or maybe someone who already works on cars, but is not great at building computers (I CAN DO THAT). Or someone in my same position who wants to get together and help each other (two minds, are most of the time better than one).

    I am currently driving a 350z Convertible 2007 with the Bose sound system.

    Thanks in advance

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    1.the magnuson moss act applies here:

    it primarily applies to engine modifications, so a car pc should not even be close to threatening any of this..

    2. sometimes there might be a local car audio dealer that might be willing to help you out. otherwise, you might be waiting a while-- i haven't seen too many replies to install-help around here..

    this is actually really tough for me to give advice on because electronics and car audio have come so naturally.. a great starting resource for learning car audio/electronics is the learning center-- while you are installing a carpc, many of the same concepts still apply..

    3. a good starting point is the faq's:

    also try searching for other 350z installs--not just your model year, some installs are detailed enough to allow them to be easily replicated.
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