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Simple Ipod to Monitor & Equalizer Set Up

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  • Simple Ipod to Monitor & Equalizer Set Up

    So I've been looking but haven't seen anything that I'm talking about, but would it be possible to hook up a video ipod that has a ipod cable that splits into RCA, then hooking up the audio to an equalizer that splits into a 4 channel amp and a sub amp for all the audio. And then hooking up the composite video to a regular home flat screen computer monitor using a rca to vga connection. What issues would I run into in doing this? I've hooked my ipod up to the equalizer and amps and it sounds great but what about a cable that has video too? How would I get power to the monitor? An inverter? Thanks for all the help in advance.

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    There's no reason you can't do that. I would advise skipping the VGA monitor and sticking with a less expensive video monitor due to complexity an likelihood of poor quality. You'll need a scan converter for the VGA and it would simply be converting a video signal to VGA. A direct composite video out to composite monitor will work just as well.

    You can use the Apple composite video cable and follow this information. The cable connects to the dock and provides audio output in RCA l/r and a composite video RCA plug for the monitor. It also has a USB plug that you can connect to a charger to supply battery power.

    There are limitations on the Apple composite output. You won't get all screens on the iPod on the monitor. It is app specific. However, you can jailbreak the iPod and use a program called TV Out to display the iPod screen at all times.

    You will find that the screen resolution is....okay. But not great and a little fuzzy due to the composite output, so don't expect VGA level output on the screen.
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      Pretty much the only thing I want it to be able to do is play music videos. Which I understand even cheap headunits can do now-a-days but I wanted to put a 15" + monitor stemming out from my dash in my 05 F150. I haven't been able to find much in regards to large monitors being used. I'm aware the resolution won't be too great depending on the quality of the mp4 music video but I'm willing to accept that for the larger screen.


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        Originally posted by Bugbyte View Post
        However, you can jailbreak the iPod and use a program called TV Out to display the iPod screen at all times.
        he never specified which ipod he has- and so i have a slightly related question-- you can't jailbreak a ipod classic can you?(if you can, my classic will get it..)

        bugbyte summed it up pretty well--using a vga screen is just a extra useless expense if that is all your using it for (i have used avermedia's TV2VGA before-- it does alright, but the image will always look fuzzy-- being that composite is a lower rez then a vga screen)

        something i have researched in the past on the subject is some of these ipod home docks that do allow for a on screen display(osd).. i can't find my links right now, but in a quick search, i was looking at products similar to DLO's Home Dock
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          Which one of these do you think would be better for my situation?