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powering an instrument cluster on the workbench?

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  • powering an instrument cluster on the workbench?

    Hi all

    I have a e38/e39 instrument cluster that is I-bus capable. I am trying to power this cluster on the work bench and send I-Bus messages to it.

    I think I successfully powered it up, using Ibus analyzer i can catch the messages on the Ibus coming from the cluster. I have used both riesler's serial interface and my own I-bus interface. results are the same.

    I am unable to send messages to the cluster, either using 80 or FF as the destination, using Ibus analyzer, and have the display do anything. just nothing happens, no display.

    i have my desk top, my laptop and the cluster all in parallel now so I can see if the messages are correct. (getting paranoid). They appear correct, according to Ibus analyzer. yet the cluster refuses to wake up the display. all the cluster does is sent periodic messages to the LKM module.

    what am I missing, won't the cluster do anything without a reply from the LKM? Sadly I am without a complete Ibus capable car at the moment, the cluster is all i have to experiment...

    Help is greatly appreciated, am i barking up the wrong tree and the cluster on the desk won't work??

    on a side note, when i ran Ibus analyzer on my desktop, I discovered it would only transmit partial messages, rather strange. If i sent the same string from another program such as RealTerm, it works ok, eliminating the serial port. this is why i paralleled my laptop, it sends messages correctly according to Ibus analyzer. The desktop appears to receive correctly, just had a sending problem.

    TYCO was so nice to send me samples of the connectors used to hook up the cluster, all for the asking, TYCO rocks
    in case others are looking for a means to connect to a cluster...ask tyco

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    There is no way to know what else may be needed without a working system. There could be a very specific wake up message that needs to be sent. An obvious question is do you have the cluster powered by some source? And are all the sources correct? Maybe it needs a 12v and a 5v or maybe something else strange.
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      pretty sure the power is correct, the power requirements are published as are the pin-outs of the connectors.

      everything appears to work, light up, etc, EXCEPT the darn display in the cluster.

      Ibus analyzer says the messages are correct,


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        i just wonder if it is attempting to talk to another device on the canbus, and until it hears a response, refuses to power on. this would explain why it attempts to send messages, and why it won't do anything..
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          well, i had some progress sending stuff

          apparently one cannot just send something like >30 ML 80 'text' CS< where ML is message lenght and CS is checksum.

          Following the examples in I-Bus Inside document, if I predicate 'text' with the 3 bytes 1A 35 00 to get >30 ML 80 1A 35 00 'text' CS< a message does appear. when i send a different message the display switches off for a fraction of a second and then displays the new message.

          if I change the 35 to FF then the display does not blank first, which is what I would want as I am writing a fixed string and a changing number, i do not want the display to flickler. As far as I can tell changing the 00 allows me to switch on or off the red triangle at the right side of the message display, something like 00 = off, 01 = on, 02 =blink.

          using the sequence 1A 35 00 makes the message stay on a long time...

          another example shows the sequence 23 62 30 07, to get >30 ML 80 23 62 30 07 'text' CS< when using this prefix set, the display will clear after 10 seconds or so.

          Does anybody have info on what these number sequences control???