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  • Types/Names of Cables/Adapters

    Ok, I have taken apart my laptop and saw the motherboard, and the types of connecters on it. I want to remove the touchpad mouse (or purchase another one simply to keep the laptop case intact), and mount it in the center console. To do this, I want/need to find out where I can get extensions for the cables used to connect this, and a few other items I wish to mount remotely.

    The links I am posting are from my phone, I hope they can be viewed, if not I will fix when I get home.

    Touchpad Mouse (attached to palmrest, easily removed):


    Power Button/Indicator Strips (I believe also attached to palmrest):

    So again, I need to find the type of connectors (names... I re-assembled the laptop after I THOUGHT I had taken pictures of them *facepalm*), and where I can get long lengths (if they make them). Some places I've only found up to 24" for similar cables, not sure if they're the correct ones though...

    Thanks in advance everyone!
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    i would recommend to stay away from modifying any active internal components of the laptop. many times, the max length of the cables you can find is as long as the data can reliably travel..

    usb is a great alternative-- it is speced for around 15 feet, so works great in the car- environment..

    so with that in mind:

    usb touchpad:

    and then a usb splitter of any sort should be fine as well..
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