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  • Hello Everyone

    Greetings from the Caribbean, Trinidad to be exact!

    I am interested in building a car pc for my 2002 Mazda Protege5.
    I am overwhelmed at the amount of info on the site but if someone can point me in a direction I will be eternally grateful.

    Features I want to have are
    Frontend - Something that works and has lots of gauges
    FM tuner with rds
    RTA abilty
    Music player with plugins to set time delay, cross over frequency,compressing etc, no cd support
    OBD2/1 capability, not sure what the protege has.

    For the hardware I want to store it under the drivers seat( this way its not to far from the screen and its not in direct sunlight since in a tropical island the cabin can get very hot.)
    The PC will be hooked up to the music system also.


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    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      thanks for the link DarquePervert

      so far Front end is going to be road runner!


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        ^ i don't completely agree with everything that is stated, but it is understandable-- in a standard car, many of those are serious issues. in my little convertible, rarely anyone sits in the rear seats, because it is more of a punishment than a seat.. and everything is nicely tucked away, so the seat don't grab anything moving around..

        i don't believe there are any music players that can control, or manipulate the audio with T/A, or x-overs(i think there might be some plugins for winamp, but not sure on the quality, or if they can route a stereo signal to more then 1 pair of outputs..)

        at this point the only 2 options are to do all the audio processing in the computer, or to get a external audio processor...(check the high end car audio section there's lots of info there.)
        My OLD 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT:
        "The Project That Never Ended, until it did"

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        carpc undecided


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          I think the car pc will give me better control for my music, there are a lot of winmap and foobar plugins eg channel mixer, shibatch equalizer, vst plugins etc, resampling, rta ability

          Considering implementing the car pc within the double din unit, if not then I will go the route of using a atx board in the hatch area(really dont want to do this)

          So right now I looking for an enclosure double din that can fit, Is there anyone on the forums that can build one for me ? If possible wont mind a screen also. Shipping is no problem with me as I have a skybox in Miami. Will not mind used parts.

          Parts list at present:-
          dc-dc powersupply
          double din enclosure(preferable metal/aluminium)
          lilliput or any other good screen
          fm tuner card
          usb soundcard (later)
          case fans
          obd2 to usb cable


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            ok making progress, will be sourcing the enclosure from this guy ->

            also has anyone attempted to use a netbook in a double din enclousre?


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              Ok making some progress, is it just me or has the site improved?... anyways back to the important stuff:-

              OBD cable ordered 50US

              For the case considering 55us

              For the screen considering 159-300us

              fm tuner 160us

              mb 150 us

              mem 35 us

              flashdrive for os

              dc-dc power

              around 800us completed

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              Have any of you guys checked out this?

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                i have seen that before-- it is similar to other all-in-ones.. i recommend reading threads like this before buying a all-in-one solution.

                that motherboard, and power supply will not fit in that case-- that case will only work with pico-itx boards. and that board requires a component processor--i belive any AM3-socket processor will work..

                the lilliput 701 your looking at will not directly fit in that dash kit that you are looking at either, but would require a front bezel like what the case used.. to put the screen in the bezel would also require that you remove it from the factory-lilliput bezel, which would void the warranty of the screen. while the conversion process isn't too hard, if you have any doubts about doing it, i recommend asking mo-co-so, or mp3car to do it for you-- this way they will warranty the work to prevent extra cost issues for you later..
                My OLD 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT:
                "The Project That Never Ended, until it did"

                next project? subaru brz
                carpc undecided


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                  Hi everyone
                  I am newbie here.I wish I will be able to get necessary information from here.
                  Thank you