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  • First time poster, long time planner

    Hey guys, 1st I'd like to say, great forum!
    I stumbled across it searching for details on a Lilliput monitor, so figured I'd join and post up my build plans.

    I have a 98 Volvo S70 with a big space in the dash that should fit an 8" LCD, especially de-cased.
    Motherboard/CPU combos I've been back and forth about but have decided to go with a dual core Atom integrated board. Asfter looking at a few I'd like to try one from Giada because of it's nice lo-pro layout.

    For sound, I have a Logitech Z-5500 at home that the woofer went bad in the sub, so I sent the control unit back and Logitech sent me an entire new system. So I thought I'd try using the replacement system in the car and try to meld in the speakers.

    I'll mount a slot load BluRay in dash, add GPS, WiFi and run Windows 7 Ultimate on an Intel 80GB SSD.

    Pretty basic after seeing some other systems on here, but its enough to keep compujamming down the road.

    Also just stumbled across OM on here, it's pretty cool and with a touch screen is probably awesome for control while moving.

    I have a couple other things I'd like to figure out but save those for a build thread.

    Again, great forum, glad I found it!


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    Welcome to the carpc hobby!
    Linux(Learning the curve...Like when driving!!!)


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      don't use pc speakers in car-- they won't work too well.(there's a thread in the car audio section that explains more)
      My OLD 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT:
      "The Project That Never Ended, until it did"

      next project? subaru brz
      carpc undecided


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        Yeah I know it may not be the best choice, but I have it, didn't pay anything for it, has an optical in, a nice control pod for tuning sound on the fly, and hopefully runs on transformed 12v. I need to check this as I don't want to run an inverter.

        I know it won't win any sound contests, or be the best sound environment or theater experience, but I think it will sound good enough and noticeable surround on movies.