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2006 Cadillac Mac Mini and Alpine IDA-X303

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  • 2006 Cadillac Mac Mini and Alpine IDA-X303

    Well first I would like to say hello.. I am not exactly new to this site.. But after looking and starting I couldnt resist but to put a car pc in my 2006 Cadillac truck.
    So this is what I went out and bought
    A brand new mac Mini with hdmi ports
    alpine ida-x303
    15 inch touch screen monitor
    and a 42 inch flat screen to replace the rear glass and door to face backwards (Great for tailgating)

    Well I am starting to piece the system together.. in the house first of course to make sure everything works..

    Here is my first question. I bought a usb to usb cable.. Not a transfer cable (this might be my problem. And plugged it into the mac mini and into the alpine. But the alpine doesnt recognize anything.

    Can someone try and direct me in the right direction? Is this possible.. Im trying to be able to pull the music from the mac mini to the alpine to play the music through the radio. Cause the alpine does not have any audio inputs ....

    Thanks in advance. I will keep everyone updated.. On the project. Once I get an answer on this I should be able to have the projected installed in less than a week!!

    Thanks again!!

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    i don't believe there is any way to do that-- both the mac mini, and the alpine are host devices-- so you would need a middle device to convert the signal so that each host sees the other as a usb device. and no device exists like this that i know of..

    there is a optional aux. input:

    there is also the car2pc, but it appears that your model radio is not compatible with it:
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      Thank you so much!! I just ordered it off ebay for $10.00

      Problem #1 Solved!!

      Now Has anyone tried lillput 12.1 Open frame monitor I would like to her peoples opinon on them before I install this 15 touch screen that came out of a kiosk

      Thanks again everyone