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1998 Lexus SC300 build issues

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  • 1998 Lexus SC300 build issues

    Well, i have a 1998 SC300 with the factory Pioneer system. And i've gathering some stuff for my CarPC build. Ran across some issues though, lol.
    My current problem is monitor related. I'm using a Lilliput EBY701, and i'd really like to get a double din frame for it. As you can see, the frame has no buttons, and that's how i want it, clean with no buttons. So that runs into the problem of, how do i turn the monitor on? I want it to turn on automatically when the car starts.

    I'm bound to update this thread with more of my questions.

    Thanks in advance!

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    check the lcd/monitor section-- there is a how-to on enabling the auto-start feature in the hidden menu.

    both frames have provisions for the ir reciever, so assuming you install it, you will still be able to use the remote..
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      Alright, i put it in, i stupidly have yet to take pictures, but i'm still running into issues. This one, audio.

      My powersupply is a MT2-ATX power supply, the red wire is connected directly to the battery, the ground is grounded to the body, and the ignition is connected to some signal cable that connects to the power antenna. I'm also using the amp power switch that's available on the power supply. I believe that's properly hooked up because there is audio going out to the speakers. For audio input/output, i spliced into the original harness/connector two audio jacks and wired up the left/right/grounds properly. Now my question is, why do i have a whine that is present when the computer is turned on. It also starts to get louder (high in pitch), as i accelerate. This one is really bugging me... If additional info is needed, please say so. I'd really like to get this worked out.

      And, if anyone with a lilliput eby701 has done the auto-on mod and has a picture of it, please post or link to it. Coyote's thread has no working picture in it.

      Thanks in advance!


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        Okay, now i want to add on to my system. I have yet to install Wifi or GPS, and those are next on my list. I already got my audio sorted out.

        Okay, so i really want to buy the, Rooftop GPS/Cellular/PCS/WiFi antenna GPS 2400, that is for sale in the store section. After further reading, this is just an antenna. So my questions are, what gps module/reciever is out there, usb or whatever, that allows for an external antenna? This also goes for wifi, since i'll be buying that antenna, i need a PCI wifi card or a USB equivalent that allows for an external antenna.