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    i've been wanting to make a carputer for some time now, last year I bought the motherboard, case, ram etc. I've finally got back to the desire to do it, and all I am needing now is the screen but most importantly, powering it.

    I am thinking something along the lines of:

    I have 2 problems,

    1, I was looking through the FAQ and it mentions that I require a regulator as well? Although the linitx site has a section for regulators there is none for sale, and looking through various threads on the forums I see no mention of any (just the PSU) rendering me confused.

    2, I can't seem to get my head around how to connect the PSU (or regulator, depending on the answer to #1) to the battery. I have browsed various guides and watched the 'car pc 101' video but it lacks information on this section, shows connecting an 8 gauge cable to the battery - but how does it connect to the PSU? I'm assuming that there will be some splicing involved, is there a guide for this?


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    thats shows an install

    case from the video (get the grommet installed with the quick disconnect below)

    this is the quick disconnect cable that will also power your monitor through a barrell plug making things easier
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      I agree with agentq. The best way to power your monitor is to pull filtered power from your computer PSU. Our quick release cable kit is a really nice option. Alternately, you can tap into the +12V rail on the PSU by splicing and soldering.
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        Thank you so much! That link is exactly what i'm after, more specifically:

        "This computer has three wires out of the back of the unit.  The red connects directly to the battery's positive terminal (with a fuse as close to the battery as possible). The white wire connects to a switched power source in your car (one that is on when your car is on) and the ground needs to be grounded to bare metal on your chassis."

        I just now need to know what is meant by "switched power source" exactly and i'm all set. I've read about and most of my results are coming up with tapping into the power supply via the fuse box, am I headed in the right direction?


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          1. regulator/power supply. these are really the same thing these days-- the m2 that you selected has a built-in regulator, so that power supply is all you need for computer power hardware..

          2. 3 wires:

          the red wire is what you need to connect to the battery-- i do not recommend connecting to the factory fuse box unless you are very familar with the wiring gauge, type, ALL devices that use that power circuit, and their rough power consumption. in my car, the 'radio' fuse has 3 devices on it, so never assume that the factory fuse is for only one device-- you can see how using the factory wiring can get really confusing..

          when you run your own wire, you control all aspects of it(connected devices, fuse rating, and size), hence making your job easier later if you ever want to add something, or need to troubleshoot a problem..

          the black wire goes to a good ground point-- typically less then 2' long, and to a solid point of metal-- just be sur eto sand the paint off in that spot to ensure a good connection.

          the white wire goes to a switched source-- ie: you know how when you turn the car on, the radio turns on at certain points("on", and "acc"), but not while in "start" mode..

          this wire does this by only having +12v when the key is at those positions-- i like to recommend using the wire from behind the factory radio-- typically, this is the most well-documented, easiest to find wire-- and because you can get aftermarket harness adapters(commonly used for installing aftermarket stereos), you can get the the signal without cutting into the factory wires..
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            Ya find the acc wire or possibly ignition wire. Switched power source like stated is 12v thats supplied when the key is turned to on/acc.
            Once your find this wire you can just use a wire tap and just splice into it.
            PLEASE unhook your negative battery terminal before you go splicing though.
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