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350z Carputer advice needed - What amp/ wire?

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  • 350z Carputer advice needed - What amp/ wire?

    Hi All,

    Firstly hello - i have been looking at this massive wealth of knowledge on these forums when planning my project.

    I have decided to do a 350z car computer and after much research have it almost all figured out (How i am going to run wires, power screens, the system etc)

    My Spec i am looking at is:
    atom dual core processor+motherboard+onboard sound+ on board gfx
    160gb hdd
    windows 7
    Lilliput 7" - running off the m2-atx
    about 5m of red cable (going to be run from the battery)

    My question is however i was given some red power cable via a friend for another project he was doing and didnít need it anymore. It seems to be the perfect length and has a fuse already in it etc..

    However i donít know what Gage the wire is and cant work out how i would tell? Also im am very unsure about what gage of wire i would need for the project and what fuse i need in it (currently a 30a in it) I was hoping to save costs by using it but i have made myself nervous that i might end up burning my beloved car to a crisp if the wire is wrong! (i have looked online but really cant find anything that makes sense)

    Is there an easy way for me to check the wire gage?

    Apologies in advance if I am being a complete newb, and feel free to point me in the right direction

    Thank you all in advance!!

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    your setup is looking a little bit like mine
    I used a m2-atx, dual core atom zotac board with built in realtek sound (realtek sound drivers for xp are much better then win7, I switched to xp after I was having low bass issues with different things), ocz solid state hard drive, centrafuse, 8" lilliput 2gb ram.
    I did use a morrex 5677 with the quick disconnect and grommet pre-installed, There is also a youtube video by mp3car with the install of that power supply into that case etc. I did realize that I had to dremel off part of the white ram clamps on one side to get the power supply to fit but it all worked out.

    that made the install much easier because the cable comes with a barrel plug for your lilliput monitor

    Well I have a guage 8 cable ran off the battery to the trunk of the car with a fuse on it. Then I just daisy chained the 12v into the carput via that quick release harness, granted I did buy a inline fuse and put a 15amp fuse but the m2-atx also has a fuse on it.

    Im pretty sure if the wire you have has a 30amp fuse on it, its thickness is fine for this.
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      Hi neo-ninja,

      Usually the gauge wire is printed on the outside of the wire. If it's not, you can measure the diameter of the cable and compare it to the gauge measurements here.

      There's also a great chart to help you determine the amperage fuse you need for your setup in the wiki here.
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        Whoa - some funny things in that wiki here reference....

        Chassis/body is only 4G?

        Battery to chassis/ground "probably shouldn't be more than a few ohms of resistance"!!? So with 10 Amps through it at 1 Ohm, we have a 10 volt drop (V= IR = 1A x 10R = 10V)? I suspect not. (milli-Ohms perhaps!)

        But I like their method - the same as I use. I NEVER use gauge tables for my determination of what conductor to use. Besides, it seems I have a lower tolerance than wire-gauge tables do (ie, less voltage drops, heat & losses).
        (I have read 3V is an acceptable voltage drop. I rarely exceed 0.5V!)


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          sound good post. (might conceder carpc in future if available as kit)

          i have 350z


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            Not sure why my other post hasnt appeared but hopefully it does soon (im guessing its cayse i needs approval)

            If you are in the UK I was intending to build them and sell the car pcs for around £300 with a donation to charity from each one.

            However you would need to buy your screen and cubby so all in all you can do a fantastic install for around £400

            I can send you a link if your interested.