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Powering the Screen + hub

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  • Powering the Screen + hub

    Hey the owner of my car previously had installed a carPC, but unfortunately, the motherboard failed. I ordered a whole new carPC. He had the screen and the front USB hub powered kind of odd to me, the wires went from the front, to the a molex connector, to the carpc, then to a 4 pin molex inside the carPC (The one used to power the HDD). Is there any easier way of powering the screen and usb hub? Here is pictures of the wiring.

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    Well I can only assume that he was not using a usb hub made for a automobile environment and needed to rig power up. If your looking for a cleaner way to have a powered hub I would recommend something like or there are other brands out there.

    Something thats made to survive engine crank, just wire 12v straight to it, and then you dont have to worry about splicing into your molex connector just run a usb cable back and call it a day.
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      that is pretty much the best way to wire it..
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        there is a link to a review on that carnetix hub

        yes its a bit pricey, but you get more control over how it turns on via jumpers

        There are cheaper options but there is something to be said about paying a little bit more and saving time and headaches trying to make other things work.
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