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    hello everyone, I am a newbie into the car pc world. i've done alot of research on this fourm and have ordered all my parts to get started. There are only two things that i haven't figured out yet:

    1. the motherboard that i purchased has the onboard sound car with the headphone jack, how would i convert that to work with my car's system. i wont be touching my factory speakers or amp, because it came with bose setup and i'm very happy with it so i will be using the pac oem 2 with the harness to connect to my factory harness. i know that there are headphone to RCA jacks but that is stereo and my car has 4 speaker wires, so thats where i'm confused on how to do that and still have the FADE and BALANCE option. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    2. the power supply and the mother board that i purchased are fanless operation types but i would still like to run 2 small fans just for safety, what type of fan do you guys recomend and how would you hook it up, directly to the motherboard or the power source?

    Thank you very much for your time.

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    a case fan of whatever size you feel like using
    also there are pins on the motherboard that these fans plug into
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      ^ +1.

      though there is no easy way to get both balance, and fade. windows has a basic balance control in it, but that will be for all speakers.. you would need something like this to get fade control..
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