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BU-353 Google Latitude Combination help

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  • BU-353 Google Latitude Combination help

    So I have a BU-353 gps dongle that works great in the car. I would like to use this with google latitude also. I've search but came up with nothing, does anyone know of a possible program I can run on windows that will update google latitude of my car locatioin? All I can find is things running on mobile phone and not PCs with gps.

    Also with the BU-353, is this something multiple applications can access at the same time or one at a time.
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    The BU353 (and other GPS receivers) all output a serial data stream. The very nature of a serial data stream allows it to be accessed by one application at a time.
    There are "splitter" applications available such as GPSGate (commercial) and similar freeware/shareware products that allow you to redirect a serial data stream to multiple streams for multiple apps to access.
    I am familiar with GPSGate, and recommend it for some of the other functionality it provides.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Which operating system are you using?

      I updated my pc with Windows 7 and am working on putting drivers onto it. One of the things I had always thought was interesting about this latest version of windows is that it has a "Location and other sensors" section in the control panel. Well, being curious, I googled around until I found this page, which has a GPS sensor driver for that OS capability.

      If you install the driver and point it to the Comm port you have the GPS set up to (directly or through the programs Darque mentioned above), it will allow the operating system to "know" your location.

      If you combine this information with the information on GOS and Google Latitude's Desktop Site about Geolocation aware browsers, perhaps you can set up something that will update your latitude location the way you want it to.

      I haven't gone through all the steps involved (it's a lot easier to just turn on latitude on my droid), but I hope this points you in the right location.


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        Im running windows xp on my carpc because of win7 issues with realteks sound. Put xp on and everything just works.
        Thanks for the info on gpsgate and I saw a couple others out there like xport. I will have to give it a try at using one of those gps splitters and point it at a gelocation aware browser plugin and see if it will pull a gps loc vs a wifi estimation.

        After more research looks like I would definatly have to use win7 and the sensors. Could not realy find any hard facts that these location aware browsers actually use the new windows7 sensors or they just base it off your ip and estimate.
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