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need some help making sure I have everything.

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  • need some help making sure I have everything.

    So I picked up a few parts for my new project

    I got a ECS A740GM-M Motherboard and AMD Athlon X2 4850B (dual core 2.5ghz)
    (1) Crucial 2Gb of RAM
    (1) Masscool 5F9001B1H3 CPU Cooling Fan
    (1) Ultra 4 Channel Fan Controller
    (1) Asus Xonar DG Sound Card
    (1) USB Powered Mimo 9" monitor
    (1) GlobalSat BU-353 SiRF III USB GPS receiver
    (1) BT mini keyboard with mouse pad
    (1) BT ODBII (ELM327)
    (2) BT USB dongles
    (1) 4 port USB header
    (1) Wireless USB 802.11 B/G
    (1) WD 500Gb HDD (SATA)
    (1) OPUS 180w PSU
    (5) 6ft USB extension cables
    (2) 3.5mm to RCA adapters
    (1) VGA to RCA adapter

    So I bought (5) 6ft USB extension cables. Thats to extend and connect the monitor (2), the GPS (1) and two stand-alone USB ports for external devices or cell chargers. That leaves one extra USB cable just in case.

    The BT dongles will connect the ODBII and wireless KB which I have already tested and work.

    The wireless USB 802.11 stick will get wireless to the PC from my rooted Droid X. I also have Torque which is a OBDII software that can BT connect to the BT OBDII adapter.

    I already have several OBDII software for the PC I can use and have Microsoft Streets and Trips 2010

    The 5.1 sound card is PCI so that ties up one of two of my PCI slots. The other slot goes to the 4 port USB header.

    Ive got (2) 3.5mm to RCA adapters and RCAs already in the truck from my current system.

    I have 4 extra 80mm fans I will use as 2 for intake and 2 for exhaust air.

    I also picked up a VGA-to-RCA adapter so I can hopefully get video to my other 4 screens. I have two in the sun visors and 2 in the head rests.

    I THINK that covers everything. WHEW!!

    Now my Qs are these.

    1. With the 5.1 sound card, if i take one 3.5mm adapter and plug it into the front or rear channel and then run RCAs to the amp for the doors. I know that will get me sound there. But if i take the OTHER 3.5mm adapter and plug it into the sub channel, will I get audio out of that to my sub amp or not. All my music is obviously downloaded albums in MP3 format. I always try to get 320kbps but they are all 2 channel of course.

    2. How do I go about mounting the MoBo to console? Ive worked on tons of PCs but never built one. My biggest concern and question are my grounds for the MoBo and HDD. can someone please explain that for me?

    Any and all help is appreciated.

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    1. its based on your audio drivers, by default in 5.1 ch mode its usually green front left/right, blue rear left/right, red is sub/center
    This has been covered all over this forum. It realy depends on how many chan your amp supports and if it also does xover etc, please search

    2. There are tons of cases out there made for mounting your motherboard for cars. Groundings realy not an issue as anything that requires power has a ground wire that runs to the power supply that then runs out to wherever you grounded, shorting would be the biggest issue just use the board props to mount the mobo off the case.

    Other thoughts
    its a big board for the job with not many usb connections, would have got a smaller board with more usb ports
    it allready has integraded 6ch sound why did you buy a addon card
    2 bt dongles, im pretty sure you only needed one and can run simultanious devices off one dongle at the same time
    dont mount that non ssd hdd near your sub
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      THX for the feedback and reply

      Im new to this so you gotta look over some things and help guide me where you can. As for the sounds car, It was on sale for 10 or 20 bux so its no big deal. I can always send it back. The BT dongles were like $2 so no big loss there either.

      A microATX mobo isnt but 10" square right? Thats not big to me. Ive got a huge quad cab truck and already removed the center seat where a custom console is going. Im taking the column shifter off and going with a B&M Quick Silver floor shifter I will check into a microATX case though


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        some corrections

        Originally posted by agentq View Post
        Other thoughts
        its a big board for the job with not many usb connections, would have got a smaller board with more usb ports
        it allready has integraded 6ch sound why did you buy a addon card
        i assume he either had that board laying around, or got a really good deal on it-- either way, it will work fine, but just be very careful with the pci devices--they don't like the bumpy car rides. i think some members have hot-glued pci devices into the pci slot to prevent bumps from jarring the cards, but you will need to look around a little to confirm that-- i don't use pci cards in my install, and haven't really looked into it, so it is mostly speculation..

        Originally posted by agentq View Post
        dont mount that non ssd hdd near your sub
        this is kind of touchy-- of course, mounting a hdd loosely over a loudly playing sub will damage the drive, but in most cases, many members have installed standard platter drives in the same area as subs with few issues. just be sure to mount the drive securely and don't get caught up in 'anti-vibration' mounting solutions(can cause secondary vibrations that can ruin the drive)..

        otherwise, some other things:

        are you sure that the opus 150w power supply is enough for all that hardware?

        i don't like seeing usb monitors as the primary display-- remember, if you ever have any hardware issues what so ever, that prevent the pc from loading the os, your screen will not display anything... i highly recommend getting a vga/dvi/hdmi monitor to be able to correctly see everything the pc is doing..

        also, i briefly looked into using a vga-rca converter for some screens that i had-- many have very poor build quality, and most importantly, many will not save custom settings once the device is powered off-- very important because you can't realistically leave the device on constant power-- you'll kill your battery..

        this thread has some decent info on this:

        for the audio, the easiest way is to connect the stereo signal to all the amps, and use the amps onboard crossovers to control the sound-- though some cards do support onboard routing, i am not familiar enough with your card to know if it does it or not..
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          ok, so with a system with several screens, how would someone normally go about getting video to all those screens?


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            Well I have never done this, but this maybe be a solution. Granted there may be better ways.
            Your board seems to have 1 dvi and 1 vga.
            I assume you will have 1 touch monitor in the center console 2 din area and 4 non touch in the visors and head rests.
            5 monitors total

            I would wire the touch monitor up via the dvi connector.
            I would then wire up the vga connector to this 1x4 component video splitter( good for automotive purposes)
            You said you allready have a vga to rca cable, so I assume your 4 non touch screen lcds accept rca inputs.
            So wire the vga to rca up to the splitter which is powered, then this will amp your signal to the other monitors to avoide signal degredation.
            Then via the ati drivers for your board you can just mirror all the screen or however you want to set things up.
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              while i have used component converters for compsite signal splitting, and it is possible, there is extra cost for component-capable devices, so if you need to purchase the equipment out-right, aqnd are never going to need to run component signals, it really isn't worth the extra cost..

              from the same site that agentq listed, but $50 cheaper(comparing the 1in-4out models):
              My OLD 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT:
              "The Project That Never Ended, until it did"

              next project? subaru brz
              carpc undecided