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  • Obdii/pc

    Guys,..I live in an area where we have 1 yes ONE auto parts store in town, competition,..dealerships , yes, but they realize that that they had to pay for the equipment, therefore they MUST pass the cost on to "po people" like me,.in the old days, I could,. in my 77 Chevy Monza 305,.or the 350 in my GMG 1500 pickup,..take them apart and put them together with my eyes closed,.. I have a 91 Silverado, and find I need a software/hardware degree to work on it!!!,... my transmission, suddenly, will not shift up... reverse is strong, 1st is strong, fluid is a clear beautiful pink,.. but, know if TSS is functioning correctly,..I need to check the codes coming off the PCM,..I have a good functioning knowledge of electronics, am above average in computer literacy,.and have an excellent grasp on internal combustion engines,..but,..not much time,.and certainly,..very little money,..I would like to build an ALDL cable, and find some free software to help me do the diags,... many of the OBD 2 links are dead,..or updated to support more advanced versions of the operating systems,.. anything to work with windows 98?...DOS?,..XP at the latest?,.. no Windows 7,..this is my girlfriends rig,..y'all know the price of failure,..

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    I googled this for you

    this link has codes on it also
    My CarPC Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX MR