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  • Smallest control unit possible

    I have an '86 Porsche 951 that I need some help figuring out what to do with. Currently it has a long-obsolete kenwood headunit that I'm going to be getting rid of. Here's where I'm probably going to be going along a different tack than most here: I wasn't really planning on replacing it with anything. I need the space where the radio is for two additional gauges, and the car is so loud that music wouldn't really be all that great anyway. I figured I could take out the speakers and headunit and save a few pounds in the process. But now I'm thinking I want to retain at least a little of the original functionality.

    Here's where I don't really know what to even search for. The kind of system I'm envisioning would be a small amp in the back, and a small section on the gauge panel for an on/off switch, volume knob, input jack, and possibly, a radio tuner. The space on the panel needs to be really, really tiny, maybe 4 in^2 maximum. I'm comfortable working with electronics, if not audio equipment specifically, and think I could put together the "black box" myself, but I have no idea if something like this already exists. To be clear, I'm really not looking for an audiophile quality system, just a way to plug in an ipod or listen to talk radio on a long drive. Could spend a few hundred bucks on this but would prefer to spend more time than money.

    Thanks for your expertise.