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First carpc in the works

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  • First carpc in the works

    Yup decided instead of using my huge laptop to run nistune in my car I would install a car pc and have all my music and videos on it

    For starters here is my car 1994 skyline GTR the thing is a money pit have spend around 10000 in the last year to maintain it and I do all my own work (except my transmission rebuild) and only drive it in the summer and that's not for long in canada...

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    Here is the old deck was interesting had gps and all sorts of stuff but you can see I have a double din spot to use.

    So I have a spot for a double din already in my dash from when I took out my old jdm deck that wasn't working.

    I had a pentium 4 board @ 2.66ghz I was going to use before but broke off a capacitor and realized that it would want a lot more than 80 watts for power so upgraded to the atom board
    So far for the hardware I have:
    Asus AT5NM10-I board atom dual core 1.8ghz
    160gb 2.5" drive
    2gb mushkin I think it's 800 ram from an old board I fried overclocking oopsies!
    pico psu 80watts

    I am posting from the carpc now hooked up to an old atx psu with a few pins shorted out (so it stays on) supplying 12v to the pico psu just to test stuff out.

    Now I was looking at a few touch screens and my budget is quite low as I prefer to dump my money into go fast parts than this but was thinking a Lilliput EBY701-NP/C/T (no idea what this means really just found a cheap one on ebay) is that a decent choice?

    Now do I need a voltage regulator before the screen and carpc? I was thinking about just using a smaller amp and would the volume control on the pc work good enough to control it?

    I was thinking about running some 12gauge from the battery back to a relay hooked up to the acc cct so it would give power to the pc only when the acc cct is on. Also is there such a thing as a momentary contact relay to automatically hit the power button when the car is started?

    Now that I have like a million questions up there I will post a picture of the pc still need a few l brackets to mount it somewhere (haven't decided where yet) but I made it out of some acrylic I had lying around with a cut up part from an old case.

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    Oops fixed images.


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      I run Nistune in my Z31.

      This is my second carpc as my first one ****e the bed.

      Thats only half true...


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        1. lilliput 701: the /t/ is of touch, and i can't remember what the other ones are.. but that used to be a very common screen. many are now using the lilli 669, as it has hdmi, dvi, and vga connections.. but the 701 is still a decent, cheap screen.

        though, being that you are up in canada, one serious drawback is that it uses a ccfl backlight-- so it doesn't work very well in colder weather--at least until it warms up.

        for a little more, the lilli 629gl has a led backlight(there are 2 models, but one should specifically state it has the led backlight), and won't have cold weather issues like that..

        2. power regulation: while the screen doesn't require regulation, i prefer to recommend to connect it to a regulated source to prevent issues later(most of us can't afford to be messing up $200-300 screens)

        for the carpc, i really don't like the pico-psu. there is no incoming voltage regulation, so suitable voltage regulation is required, and there is no startup controller..

        3. volume control / amp: in most cases any small amp will work. there are a couple of memebers that have used "motorcycle amps" on ebay, and claim they are just as good as factory radios in terms of sound quality.

        for the volume control, it depends on your preference, but i couldn't stand how long it took to turn my system up/down using the windows control--but i also turn my music down at every stoplight..

        4. power switch: as i said, it is one of the reasons i don't like the picopsu... but search around here for a momentary relay setup, or check the mp3car store, i believe they offer a prebuilt solution to this.
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          Okay that screen sounds good for me, I don't drive the car in cold weather so that is not too much of an issue

          I guess I'll need to think about a power regulator then.

          I did manage to find this schematic for a shutdown controller and I think I will run it and have a button on the case just in case

          I also saw an internal amp in the store and placed an order for that thought I would give it a shot and try and cram it in my case. I tend to keep my music at the same volume all the time so we will see.

          Also here is a few bigger pictures of my custom case it is pretty simple you can see the old p4 board I was going to use and the last one with the atom.

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          this is what I ended up with the 2.5" harddrive is much better and I ended up adding a few fans not sure if I need both but oh well.

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