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Linear Actuator --HELP

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  • Linear Actuator --HELP

    Hi All
    newbie here :-P
    searched all thread here, found nothing.
    so i need to ask you guys :
    if i buy linear actuator and buy the controller seperately from different seller,
    can i combine them ?
    thanks guys

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    So are you trying to add some power door locks?
    How will this tie into car computing?
    You did not list a model of controller or linear actuator, but I would assume yes.
    If this is not carpc based and more of a general auto electric questions you may have more luck searching a forum specific to your car model.
    For example I drive a 06 lan evo ix, if I have trouble with my pc sound card I come here, if I want to install a power truck release im going to go over to evolutionm forums.
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      door locks just use 'actuators' linear actuators are comprised of a worm gear, shaft and motor. but as stated, you need to give us some details on the products. most linear actuators; like the ones i have, have safety built into them to stop them at their limit. so all you would need is to provide the correct voltage and current and (usually) reverse polarity to reverse direction. the controller can be a simple dpdt switch or if you're integrating it into a car pc, you could use something like the usb-io-1
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        I'm glad I held off my reply....

        Yes - if they are compatible; but probably not.
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