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I need suggestions for for nav/obd/dvd

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  • I need suggestions for for nav/obd/dvd


    I am new on here by suggestion from a friend. What I want to do is attach a device that will unlock the capabilities of the current nav screen. I.E. - This will allow me to play DVD from the Nav screen also set Coordinates while driving and connect my iphone. In conjunction with this, I would to get the ToughBox 16- Zotac & Intel-Based Wi-Fi Mobile Car Computer System and some sort of LCD/monitor that can interface with both my current Nav and the GMX550 on my Yukon Denali XL 09. I would like to mount this monitor on front part of the dash of the passengers seat, however, none of the products seem to fit unless there is another solution. Can anyone give me any suggestions on what products I can look for? I see that there is a LCD specifically for the Yukon, is this meant to replace my current screen?

    Thanks for any help


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    Multiple questions with multiple scenarios.

    First of all, the coordinate input while driving and DVD playback that is viewable from the driver's seat is illegal while in motion in most states.
    As such, discussion of these isn't allowed on the forums. I'd check the laws first, then with a car audio installer.

    There isn't a screen kit that I'm aware of that is designed for passenger-side dash installation. That will be custom fabrication all the way. As far as interfacing w/ the GMX550 & nav system, they both need to have additional video outs. Check your manuals and/or with the installer.
    The LCD kits for Yukon are probably meant for in-dash installation and would replace your GMX550 unit. Without links for reference, nobody could say for sure.

    If you want to install a PC of any sort in your ride, it's advisable to start reading some FAQs and looking at other resources such as installs to get an idea of how to accomplish your goals.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Thanks for the reply and sorry about the illegal portion of my question. I see that Mp3car has a
      Direct Fit Double Din LCD Touch Screen for 2007-2008 GMC Yukon and if it can replace what i have in my car without losing any functionality and I can interface that with my mobile PC then I dont need the screen in the dash. I simply want to be able to use the screen for OBD software the DVD on the front screen is not that important. The GMX550 will give me the inputs to add devices such as my Iphone/Ipad, but if the Mobile PC will do the same I don't need the GMX550. Of course, if the ToughBox 16 can interface with my Nav system, then i dont need another LCD.