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ionitx-f-e vga to rca help

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  • ionitx-f-e vga to rca help

    I am in the final stages of getting my car-pc setup but I ran into an issue. I choose this MB based on the premade options found on ebay, which all stated "(use a VGA to composite adapter for your composite video display device [RCA]". This works perfect since I cannot find a 14" flipdown vga monitor.

    However, I can't get NVIDA control panel to find the monitor (nor can windows 7 identify the monitor). I've spent the last week searching, testing, and searching more but I can't get it to work.

    I also tried to install the latest drivers from NVIDIA(9400M as shown on Zotac's website) but said it could not find compatible hardware.

    Here is the adapter I used.

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    Are you sure the motherboard will support that adapter?

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      It says in the product description: "Make sure that your VGA card has TV-Out function capability, some old vga card doesn't have this function, VGA card without this function won't work.". This is made for the sort of video cards that could use the VGA port to output composite video. That's not actually a converter, just an adapter. you would likely need something like this:
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        Those adapters only work with ATI video cards, as far as I know.
        Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
        How about the Wiki?

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