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Proposed Setup for PCI Card Audio Problems

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  • Proposed Setup for PCI Card Audio Problems

    I am trying to make this as concise as possible to receive expert opinions. I currently have a D945GCLF2 Atom 330 mobo powered by a Carnetix P1900 going to a Travla C158 (120W) case. The system worked well with Windows 7, albeit a little slower than I would have liked), but the audio left much to be desired. I have an aftermarket system with head unit, components (front), and a sub in the trunk.

    So, I tried to use 2 different PCI audio card in the PCI slot, but to no avail. First, I tried a spare SB Live Audigy 2 card that produced no sound, though the drivers indicated everything was working properly.

    Next, I purchased an Asus Xonar DS, installed the drivers, and all I got was VERY low volume (with head unit turned up) and lots of buzz. Does my Travla's power supply not produce enough on the 5V rail with the Atom?

    What I am considering now is an ASRock E350M1 (cheapest Brazos on newegg) with ALC892 codec. My question is, if I am not satisfied with the onboard audio, and get a PCI-E Xonar DX, what power supply would you recommend for everything to work properly? I am considering the M4 or the M2. I have done tons of research here, but most of what is available are users reporting problems with these power supplies. I want to mount everything caseless on a sheet of plexiglass, possibly with a metal backplane. I just want the option to run a PCI-E card in the future with no power issues.

    My first carputer with the P1900 and Travla C158 was an Epia MII-12000 with GeForce MX4000 that worked flawlessly, making me wonder if the Atom CPU was drawing too much available power from the PCI audio cards I tried to add. Can anyone shed some light on this? Sorry for the long post.

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    No one has power supply advice for using PCI/PCI-E sound cards? I am about to order a Gigabyte E350N-USB3 mobo and try it first with the onboard ALC892 with an M4ATX. Would an M2 work if I decided to throw in an Asus Xonar?