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Not sure which system to start with..

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  • Not sure which system to start with..

    Hi all, This is my first post and first carputer..

    I'm reading up as much as possible but i'm not sure of the next step?

    I want to run centrafuse as front with bluetooth, wifi, gps, and dvd with a 8"-10" lilliput screen.

    All this will be going into my merc vito van so space isn't a problem!

    I have a low buget at the moment so the above a wait other than the screen of couse, want i want to do is have a system that i can expand apon.

    I have the chose of a friends Dell OptiPlex 745 Desktop (doesn't have a hard drive as it was a exbusiness desktop) but is pretty new..As i'm pretty new to all this is it a case of just buying a new hard drive and installing an o/s on it?? ..not sure if the pc had a passworg but shouldn't matter as theres no hard drive?

    Sorry for the noob bad!

    Or a

    Mini-ITX ultra slim PC

    The machine has inside it a winNET P680 v1.0 motherboard

    Brief Spec:-
    Onboard 1Ghz Via C7 Esther CPU
    Onboard Graphics Card with VGA & DVI Output
    Onboard Sound Card
    Onboard 10/100 Ethernet / Network Card (Bootable)
    1 x PCI Slot (riser card needed)
    1x SODimm Slot - 1x 256Mb DDR2 - 533Mhz
    1 x IDE Ports 44pin (for 2.5" drives)
    1 x PS/2 Keyboard Port
    1 x PS/2 Mouse Port
    2 x RS232 / Serial / Com Port
    1 x LPT Port
    1 x VGA Port
    1 x DVI Port
    2 x Rear USB Ports (Bootable)
    2 x Front USB Ports (Bootable)
    Internal Speaker

    Comes with PSU and UK Mains Power Cable

    Cheers Paul