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    Ive followed this site for awhile, and actually had a MP3 box running in my car a long time ago but nothing like what is available now.

    I currently have a high end stereo in my supercharged 2006 Z06, being led by a Kenwood 9960 which I hate. It is buggy, and most recently I lost all the Garmin maps which requires either a send back to Kenwood or a PITA process to restore.

    In light of this I am thinking about making the jump to a windows based CarPC. I think the future of this stuff is probably in tablets, but with all the work you guys I have done I think the win/PC based approach is more solid.

    My requirements are:
    Sound quality, with capability to output and adjust F/R channels, Sub channel and equalization from the head unit (or i can install an external device if I HAD to)
    Play Mp3s (easy, duh)
    FM radio
    XM radio (not internet based, but satelite based)
    Voice calls with my HTC EVO (BT connectivity would be nice for playing music as well)

    thats really it, ironically my Kenwood unit does the above but has been nothing but a PITA. Micophone quality is so low I cant drive and talk (road noise is too much for it, granted it IS a Z06...). GPS is now not working, and the FM radio has never worked well. About the only thing it does well is play XM, and even that is buggy (randomly changes channels at least once per day requiring a reboot).

    I am looking for something turn-key-ish. I am an engineer so I can handle some integration (for course physical integration) but I am very busy so I am looking for a fairly streamlined solution and I dont mind paying a little more for some pre-packaged stuff.

    Suggestions? Build threads you think I should look at? I am willing to spend as much as $2k to convert a carPC, but would prefer to stay in the $1k-1200 range if possible.

    I dont mind fiddling and learning, but like I said my time is limited so i am trying to go with some proven stuff.