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    I'm trying to find a use for the silly little storage compartment in my center console right next to the cigarette lighter port. I can't find any good pictures of the stock compartment online so I will upload some pics with measurements when I get home. It's enough space to fit maybe a deck of cards or 2. The cigarette lighter will be replaced with a pair of USB ports. I also plan to have 4 more USB ports available elsewhere in the console, so I don't have any reason to add more there.

    Suggestions are encouraged and appreciated.

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    lcd screen?
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      (yay, Tapatalk can host my pictures)

      Anyway, the space in question is 2" high x 2 3/4" wide x 4 1/4" deep. Not a large amount of space to work with so I'm a bit stumped on what I can do with it. A thought did occur to me a little bit ago: amplifier control, which could work out great, assuming I have an amp I can hook up external controls for.

      Another thought so far is a dual hard drive bay for laptop drives. Get a couple enclosures and chop them up to make it so a drive can just slide right in. Only downside there is that I already had the large storage compartment under the arm rest allotted for a 4 drive bay.

      More ideas, please.