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Using a stripped laptop.... Sorry for previous spam... feel free to abuse!

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  • Using a stripped laptop.... Sorry for previous spam... feel free to abuse!

    Sorry for all the rubbish i seem to have left... i blame tapatalk... and sorry to the other guys post i seem to have retitled somehow...

    also as i delete all t'other posts i have restarted again below... sorry!!

    Hi Chaps...

    I've got an old laptop i'm interested in turning into a car pc... I haven't had a good rummage round the forums yet so if there's any answers to my q's then please point me in the right place!!

    I haven't decided what level of car pc i want yet... I remember seeing somewhere a guy had made a flac player with an lcd screen... am tempted by that but not sure if i want any other extra's...

    What I plan to do is to put the carpc in the boot (trunk if you're in the US! ;p) and run the cables to the front and have a sata hotswap type thing in the normal car radio slot so it's removeable and also have some kind of removable faceplate... OR make it so that the lcd panel power/volume buttons/cd drive are integrated and put the sata swap drive in the glove box so I can remove it at any time...

    I wanted to use the laptop battery for start up / shut down and just use the car power for charging.... is that possible? or would that just be a case of using an inverter for that?

    uuuummm..... what sort of cheapy basic amp would i need? i.e. specs and i can look for one around that...

    i think that's it for now... any other questions are software related so will post in that section for that!

    Ta Peeps!

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    check the faq's(link on the top of the main page), and the laptop section-- both areas will cover your questions in detail.

    for the 'cheapy amp' ebay has some very small amps-- usually called motorcycle amps that do the job. for simplicity, i recommend locating one with 4 channels for a easier time connecting it to your speakers. also has some very small amps-- by a company called "sure electronics" that would also fit the bill..
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      would this be enough for an amp to start with? obviously if the volumes need to increase then the amp will need to be louder but as it's cheap... and i found a cheaper second hand one!




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        I managed to buy a Phillips DAP-600 for £10 today... muahahahahaha!!! that'll do nicely!