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Which front end software for a newbie?

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  • Which front end software for a newbie?

    Hello! This is my very first post on this account, I've had one before but... loss of password and email information brings me to this account.

    I don't exactly have a grand knowledge of programming so I don't really want a front end that is impossible to encode or design, just something that looks really nice and runs smooth.

    What would be recommended for me?

    That's what I'm buying, but it's maxed out. 64gb Extreme Solid State, the works. The money isn't exactly the issue, but I want the skins to be a little customizable for the Front End that I do end up getting.

    So yeah, has anyone got any rough suggestions for me, or point me in the right direction?

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    looking through the front end section is going to be your best bet(this question is similar to asking everyone what the best car is-- there's too many answers). currently, centrafuse, ride runner, and hopefully soon, open mobile are the big ones, but there are tons of them, many that can be configured to run on low powered hardware.
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