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  • Instrument Cluster?

    Hi guys,
    Just getting into carpc's but I've been an IS tech for the last 12yrs so I'm up for the challenge. The basic stuff like sound, video, gps is all easy for me. My question to the forum is, is there anyone out there using dashcommand, obd2 connection, and a second monitor to take the place of their oem instrument cluster? If so, does it work well. If not, what do you think the pros and cons would be? Btw, I am using CF as my front end, Windows 7, i5 and 4gbs of ram.

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    I would also like to know from anyone, if there is any lag coming off the obd2 connection on reporting rpms/speed. Kind of like there is a lag from getting speed off gps, or is the obd2 lag free and stats are pretty real time.
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      I can't answer the first poster, as I don't use dashcommand for my gauges. As for agentq: Yes there is lag. It depends on the vehicle, most modern vehicles are relatively fast, on the order of 10-30 values per second. Mine however, (2002 mazda), can only request 3-4 per second, so I get significant lag in gauges which requires smoothing on the gauges to make the gauges more aesthetic pleasing.
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        there is a user that has one installed: david69leonard, or something like that. he's got a 2003 mitsubishi eclipse-- try searching for it.

        from reading his posts, i would say that it works good. personally, the negatives outwheigh the positives.

        1. you will loose basic gauge function-- so if the carpc doesn't boot, you don't know anything about your engine status..
        2. you might loose your odometer-- not critical on show cars, but could pose a issue if you try to resell the car..
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          A thought...

          I do not know how fast the obdII on my 99 Eclipse will send the signal, but I am led to believe that really depends on other factors as well, ie Comp used, software, etc...
          That being said, I am in the same process as you, and artfully forgive me if I have oversimplified my method, but it would seem a digitally displayed alternative to analog guages is fairly straightforward and simple....
          for your consideration:

          *Carpc running stripped down windows
          *Dashcommand running your custom skin guages
          *your choice of obdII cable, be that wired, wifi, bluetooth, etc
          *7" (or your choice) of USB powered monitor, custom fitted into a gutted out (check your local junkyard) instrument cluster.

          From simply researching these forums, and the info i obtained from thus, it would be simple as this:

          *PC shuts down to hibernation at key off. (from what ive read, a daily driven vehicle will not lose battery power fast enough to drain you in hibernation mode, and this is given any "trickle" power consumed and absolutely NO cutoff from the main power source) and others have stated results for a week without turning the car on while the pc is in hibernation. (deep cycle, ie Optima or equivalent recommended)

          *PC turns on from hibernation (a stripped down version of windows boots back into wherever you were before -- just keep Dashcommand up and thats it, and it should boot right back into it...) and from what ive gathered, that, depending on your pc, can take anywhere from 7-20 seconds...this is an acceptable timeframe for your LCD to start up start to finish ready to roll out, imho. Put your damn seatbelt on like youre supposed to, check your vitals, and your dash should light up by the time you put the vehicle in drive.

          Simple, easy, and efficient. Plus, if you do good work with your gutted cluster, this could look factory.

          I am not in this for anything other than a Carpc running a digital dash. God made the man who invented my headunit for a reason. I don't want or need a bunch of clutter; simply a speedo, a tach, maybe mpg's, fuel level, hp, torque, possibly a few odds and ends...which Dashcommand will do flawlessly. If you simply want a very easy, very clean, and operational unit to do just that, I dont see it getting any easier than this.

          Veterans feel free to fill any holes you see in my theory. Additionally, I will post my project once the parts get here, and end all be all a simple effective way to digitize your dash.

          So long as OBDII satisfactorily keeps up with the rest of the system, and provides AS QUICK of a reading as the analog guages do...