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About to start build!!!!

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  • About to start build!!!!

    Reet Chaps....

    I've got everything except my cf/sata board and power thing for my laptop so I want to ask a few questions before I make a mess!!!!

    I bought this off ebay... turned up today... nice and cheap! (approx £28 for those in the UK)

    Just want to ask if I can power it from the stereo iso block that won't be getting used now and it has an extra blue wire as well as the usual black and red... what's it for and will it damage the screen if I don't use it??? aaaahhh..... is it the thing so that it only powers on with the car? I've contacted the seller but don't really expect a response...

    I'm using one of the asus eee pc touch panels which again i got off ebay for £5 and a usb module for it for about £7....

    Just took the casing of the monitor and it fits perfectly under the case so that's sorted!!

    another thing about the monitor... it only has the single composit in... the yellow plug in.. urm.. plug?!?!

    how would I go about making vga or svideo to composit?

    and one last thing.... am i right in thinking that if i use the laptop headphone socket it's only a 2 channel output?


    Reeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllyy getting excited about this now!!!!

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    scrap the svideo out converter type thing as I've found one at home! awesome...

    Forgot to ask... does anyone know if i could wire the powerbutton on the monitor to also turn on the laptop? or where to get LOOOOOOOOOng ribbon cable from?

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    have you searched, or checked the faq area?(searching will yield more memorable results then me just telling you the answer)
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