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HD Radio on a D610 CarPC setup

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  • HD Radio on a D610 CarPC setup

    So I was thinking of spending $600 on a Revosys RS650 6.5" touchscreen with integrated AM/FM and built in AMP (25wx4) for my speakers. Since I didn't want to hassle with getting a USB FM tuner, amp, etc...just trying ot keep it clean.

    BUT...If I can get this: Visteon HD radio for $30

    And then this: USB PC Interface for Vistean HD Radio

    Is this ALL I'll need for AM/FM and HD-FM Radio?

    I'm still in the build stage of my CarPC, but the PC is up and running in my house with CentraFuse Auto. Oviously I'll have to get an AMP for my speakers with this setup, but a Lilliput 7" screen is a good bit cheaper then the RS650...

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    I went with this for keeping it clean and ez, cause the cars antenna plugs right in and it integrates into centrafuse.
    I just went the road of spending more money and saving me on a headache.
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      I just ordered a Visteon HD Zoom radio myself, $28 incuding shipping, new off eBay. I am using it with a Dell D630. However I will be using it with RideRunner. Many people have used and are still using this unit with Mitch's cable with few if any problems. And $30 plus Mitch's Cable is a lot less than $179. Yes that should be all you will need.
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