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Dell Studio Hybrid guy looking for a mentor! ;-)

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  • Dell Studio Hybrid guy looking for a mentor! ;-)

    Hey there!

    So, as I'm sure is true for many here, I'm not a newbie to computers at all. I am, however, new to the carpc game, and I've run into just a couple of issues with my setup. I appreciate any and all help!

    My current progress/setup:
    Liliput 701 LCD installed in double din frame
    Dell Studio Hybrid (140g) (was using as a HTPC until I realized its' perfect size)
    Hard drive upgraded to 64 GB SSD (smaller capacity but faster speed).
    USB hub to be wired to "change cup" in my car with plexi to make it look stock
    Bluetooth dongle
    Clear iSpot (unlocked) to use 4g network (wherever available...otherwise, I can tether my phone in a pinch)

    What I plan to get:
    BU-353 GPS receiver
    Some sort of OBD-II solution (not an immediate need, currently just a want)
    Ride Runner or Centrafuse (still need to decide between the two)
    Carnetix P-1900 to power both my LCD and computer

    The audio is going to be routed through my headunit, which I will be relocating to where the ashtray and cigarette lighter jack are currently (this is an easy mod for my car).

    Is there anything anyone can think of that I may be missing and/or did not think about?

    So far, the only snag I've run into (aside from assembling the LCD in the frame) has been forcing the resolution to the native 800x480...which still isn't resolved (has anyone with the studio hybrid done this successfully?). I'm super excited to get this going.

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    i got the liliput daylight visible screen and double DIN cage, think it's the same as you have... search for another post i made, i included the custom settings to get the display and resolution right. i get perfect output to the liliput with the hybrid on win 7.

    i also did the SSD upgrade. i'm eliminating the head unit, using a cheap USB 6ch sound card (haven't tested yet) to deliver front/rear and sub channels to my amps. hoping there's an easy way to switch on the amp leads (maybe from the P1900?). plan to slice up the front panel USB and power/eject capacitance buttons and shape that usable section to fit in a spot in my dash.

    then i hope to get the OBD-II USB connector to run engine ROM management and realtime tuning, although this might be a pipe dream.

    looking for step by step to make the CNX-P1900 work for my hybrid setup as well. i think a power supply is my missing link to install this thing. so far just been testing it on the workbench. so far i'm reading about brick hacks, and not sure what to do with the wires and bits and how to connect them to the P1900. if i can find that, i'll pull the trigger on the CNX and we can keep in touch about install projects


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      You are quite amazing. You've fixed what I thought was not fixable!


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        soooo... get that carnetix power supply going? hoping someone can let me know if it will sleep the computer when ignition goes off, and wake it when the car's turned on. is there an app? i read someone saying the next model up has a usb connector and program to sleep/wake the computer?


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          I haven't picked it up yet, but it should do the startup/shutdown. I'm not sure if there's software (I'm assuming there is), but I'm sure it connects to the power jumper to control that. You can find some of the information here:

          Also, from the research I've been doing, it seems you can use a generic power plug (aka don't worry about going through the PS and getting the ID chip) as long as you use the most up-to-date BIOS. I updated my bios and will be trying it as soon as I get a generic plug in the mail, just have to find a suitable one.

          I'm still debating between centrafuse and ride runner. I really like the flexability of RR, but Centrafuse just looks like a much more polished product to me (and I'm certainly no photoshop guy).


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            I haven't gotten the carnetix power supply yet, but it can sleep/wake the computer. If I remember correctly, there is a jumper, so you just connect it where the power button normally connects and it shoots a 5v pulse (so you just configure that to be what your power button controls).

            Info page:

            My main issue right now is deciding between Ride Runner and Centrafuse. I love the look of Centrafuse but the versatility of Ride Runner. I've looked for good looking RR skins but haven't found one that I have fallen in love with yet (and I'm not a photoshop guy, unfortunately).


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              The P1900 has the startup/shutdown controller, but not the USB connection for programability.
              Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
              How about the Wiki?

              Under normal circumstances, a signature would go here.


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                aha... more reading... nice.

                i tried centrafuse trial software 2 years back when i was employed and buying all this stuff. it's a decent frontend and has quick and nifty features. haven't tried ride runner yet. will need to get the trials for both of them and play around. getting excited about this power supply - just need a decent 4 channel amp to make the install fully worthwhile...
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                  well, fortunately, there isn't a trial for Ride Runner. It's open source and free software (it used to be called Road Runner).

                  It's got a LOT of flexibility, which can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how much you like to tinker ;-).


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                    Originally posted by jGreen View Post
                    well, fortunately, there isn't a trial for Ride Runner. It's open source and free software (it used to be called Road Runner).

                    It's got a LOT of flexibility, which can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how much you like to tinker ;-).
                    One thing you really need to plan out is your software solution and it's coherence ability with your hardware. Ride Runner is great cause it's opensource, like jGreen has stated. It has the ability to easily integrate just about anything.

                    Let me know if you need me to write a driver for something if it's not already supported. I can get it to you in a few days if I'm not busy. I can write drivers for linux distros, and NT Based OS's.