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How to connect ZBOX with intelligent power supply ??

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  • How to connect ZBOX with intelligent power supply ??

    Hello everyone,
    sorry for starting new noobie thread if this problem was already solved...

    ...but - I would like to build car PC after audio upgrade for my Land Rover Freelander. There are not so many options here in central Europe like in US, so after some research I really like small nettop ZOTAC ZBOX HD-ID41 for build into glove box...

    I know already that I will need some intelligent power supply for on/off switch with ignition, but all I was here have ATX connection - like here :

    Unfortunately ZBOX HD-ID41 and other small nettops doesn't have ATX, only external power supply with jack plug ...

    So anybody can help me find a solution how to make it work?? How to make it compatible or choose some similar nettop (available in EU)??

    Thanks a lot & sorry for my english


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    Have you found a solution?


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      yes....I found a solution. I bought 2DIN head unit instead of it ...


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        My zotax zbox nano has an external brick and requires 19V in
        I have just purchased a carnetix 1900 that should hopefully do the job.


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          In my opinion carnetix 1900 should be more than enough.

          But I'm from europe and that thing is almost as expensive as my used zotac.
          Looking for something cheaper.


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            Yeah I just jumped on a second hand one!
            There isn't much else around that will supply 19V really..
            I have a couple of these I bought ages ago that will do it:
            However I doubt they would survive starting the car and they also seemed to introduce a lot of static in the radio and that was just me using it to power a laptop while I used the cars separate radio..


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              You can try using a cheaper DCDC-USB, if Carnetix is too expensive for you. I used it in my project, and, at the end, it worked out ok, but support from Minibox is non-existent, so I think Carnetix is worth the extra. DCDC-USB should power your Zotac just fine though.
              My Project: All-in-one Double Din Unit


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                If it were 50€ I wouldn't have a problem, but 100€ for carpc PSU? waaay to expensive.
                Second hand? Hard to get ... at least in europe.

                What are the DCDC-USB drawbacks? Did you have any problem installing/using it?


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                  Yeah I agree it is expensive but I think that is just a part of this hobby for that part especially
                  The DCDC I think is pretty competitive the only thing for memory is that it only has one power rail (19V for you) and so you can't power a monitor or usb hub off it you would need another POL psu for those jobs (although some monitors do have power regulation built in).
                  The carnetix has two rails 19V and then 12v for monitor or 5V for a usb hub or amp depending on what is required..
                  Just have to plan it out and see what meets your needs as if you have to buy another $50 PSU later then any savings might not pay off long term..


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                    this is all great but. did u find an easy way to get to the power switch of the zbox???


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                      Well annoyingly my carnetix hasn't arrived and my zbox is packed away.
                      However I am 95% sure there are power and reset headers like a typical motherboard that the carnetix should plug in to.


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                        Or you can solder directly to the motherboard of the ZBox. It's truly not that difficult even for a person with little soldering experience.
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