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Sound Pressure and Fans

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  • Sound Pressure and Fans

    So I am looking to mount pretty much all my components on my sub box in the trunk. This will be fairly limited to fresh air flow, even with fans. So my thought was to remove both rear speakers and replace them with 5" variable speed fans.

    Conceptually, this seems like a fantastic idea and I can regulate my temps better and adjust to a low fan noise level when the cabin has reached a comfortable temp. Here is my concern though to the concept...If the sub is creating pressure in the trunk that is "escaping" to the cabin, will that pressure over power the fans which are further increasing the pressure of the trunk, since the 2 spaces will want to reach a neutral state?

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    overall, no.

    it is similar to ground loop/high noise floor:

    the fans are going at a constant 'tone'-- or they are always pushing 'x' amount of air-- similar to what the whine of a ground loop does.

    as soon as you turn up the music, you temporarily overpower the constant 'tone' of the fans, but they are still continuously there. same as the ground loop-- the noise is always there even when you turn it up.

    so while the subs 'beat' might momentarily disrupt the air flow, i don't think it would disturb the overall airflow that the fans are creating.

    i ran a fan directly on top of one of my old sub amp(before i blew it up in a unrelated issue)-- it seemed to help, though i was too young to actually take temp readings to prove it..
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      The nett pressure change is zero. Otherwise your subs would act like a fan.


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        I assume you'll be going for an SSD hdd? I don't know that regular HDD's will cope well in a sub box..


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          Originally posted by Sledge1 View Post
          I assume you'll be going for an SSD hdd? I don't know that regular HDD's will cope well in a sub box..
          Thanks for the help guys. And yes there will be a SSD. Also, to correct my previous statement, the mono/4chan/proc will be connected to the sub box. The comp will be on one side of the trunk and the trunk battery on the other side. I think this gives me the best wire distribution to minimize interference between power and signal cables.