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    Hi guys
    I bought a barebone mini-itx system a few years back but now I am rebuilding the whole project and trying to do it properly.
    Mate has made me some custom fitting aluminium boxes for behind my seats in a 1995 MR2 however was hoping someone could help me out with the components parts coz I'm clueless so I would appreciate if anyone tells me if I'm wrong

    I'm planning on running:
    USB Creative X-Fi Go Pro - THX Certified External Sound Card, USB;
    Lilliput touchscreen.

    Starters though is I'm clueless on the motherboard issue, what for a carputer is best?
    Had a look but the threads I've found are dated and AMD v Intel is so confusing, so basically with power consumption and performance. Also many boards have so much on that I'd never use, dont even need an onboard soundcard as it will be USB as I'm led to believe that it's a better option for a carputer.

    Thanks again

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    ok, i gave it a day.. i have no preferance when it comes to hardware...

    intel vs. amd-- i don't care... overall, it seems amd has faster processors, but intel is better known and seems to have a wider board availability.

    the bigger issue here is board brands--i prefer asus boards, i run a zotac in-car, the other good name brand would be gigabyte. msi hits my "maybe" list, but i really don't trust any other brands..

    for board selection, your not going to find a board without onboard sound... just pick a board that mostly fits your needs-- even if it goes above those needs. for this, i usually go on, and read the reviews on all the boards i am interested in, and locate one with few problems.
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      I'll echo soundman's choice on boards, I wouldn't get anything but asus, gigabyte, or intel (if going with an intel processor).
      The whole amd vs intel point is fairly mute, they are both really close in performance and power usage.

      My question would be, what are you looking at getting into? an atom or something with more kick?


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        Thanks for that reply on the motherboard guys, settles my mind alot. I do have a question about motherboards though as random as it may be! Do the power consumption vary between them?
        As an example if I was to get the top range Gigabyte for example would the power consumption of this vary to a cheap basic board, basically can the car battery run a powerful motherboard happily or am I better getting a basic board to run just what I need it to?

        Thanks again =)


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          Ok, I asked my friend to pick a make for me and he suggested Asus Intel sooooo after browsing again for a while I think I have settled on this one

          Any comment are welcome =)


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            Right I've just had to go for it and settled on this



            Solid State Hard Drive


            How is this looking so far?


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              This is about 4 months late - so you've probably already purchased your setup, but just in case you haven't - the motherboard you've picked out isn't the typical Mini-ITX form factor that pretty much everyone here uses, its a Micro-ATX. Most of the car pc setups you'll see focus on the Mini-ITX form factor (for good reason), so you will have a hard time finding a case that will suit your needs. You also might have a hard time getting a good power supply. Most of the power supplies listed (I can't comment about the M4-ATX specifically), but the 'PicoPSU' varieties seem to all be incompatible with anything other than Mini-ITX because they don't have a 24 pin main connector -AND- a 4-pin 12v secondary connector, which most Micro ATX motherboards require. Every Mini-ITX I've ever seen (it may be part of the spec) has a single 24 pin connector.

              Mini-ITX boards are quite a bit smaller than Micro-ATX, this is really the main reason people use them for car PCs. They also, historically at least, have lower power consumption and lower heat dissipation than the larger boards.